Wi cnt turn bek the years.. | Reviewer: Matete Rampoi Grown | 10/12/13

So died Pac so dies hip hop also.da guy ws my inspiration,motivator o4 malyf...but ur legacy is stil abve heat,it lives dog..hy dis trak dear mama is da hit dat make me blve in da wrld wi live in.evribudie talks of pacs lyf..rest in peace ...dawg

makaveli the best in the world. | Reviewer: nigga blaze | 9/23/13

tupac is the greatest rapper that ever lived, he is the best and nobody can contest that. I love his messages in his tracks, he is a real ghetto child that never forgets his background. he loves black people with Passion and I am very proud of him, tupac music and spirit will live on forever. AMEN

2pac The Dopest!! Dead but still Lives.. | Reviewer: Ben Rockiee | 7/16/13

2pac the Dopest!! 2pac the God of Rap!! 2pac the Real Thug nigga with the Real "G" ..you might think he's dead and gone, but he is dead and he still lives! He taught me many things i needed to know!! His legacy still lives and will never be quenched.. Those mother fuckers killed him thinkin he would be forgotten but his Legacy shall never be wiped away!! 2pac, if i had the power to bring you back, i would have done that a very long time ago!! I remember your quotes "Life Goes on" ..


2pac lives on | Reviewer: AJA,,, Aba brought up | 6/27/13

Now i was born in a gutter facing life or death i was a thug ever since my momma gave me breath this mothafuckas wanna see die,,,2pac is the elevator of todays generation,according to Afeni his mom,she says that pac is a black prince n he will save black people n pac really made us proud,,i love u pac 4 ever in my heart

Thug For Life | Reviewer: Tuthug J Mansion | 10/28/12

First I love Pac more then anyother person on earth,he is the king of rap and know one can ever take it from him.Started listing to Pac when I was still a little boy although it was my big sister who bought his songs and from the very first time I had his song I fall in love to him although I can only understand a little from what he is saying then but voice keeps me very happy and that is how started buying his songs,books going to the internet to bring out his lyrics,putting his picture on wall in my room.Pac he is the biginning of rap and the end,niggas are only talking shit today which he said on his song,troublesome 96,niggas will talk alot of shit but thats after I am gone and for real they are talking shit,but we thu niggas we are gonna keep it real forever.He made me become a great rapper as a ghote star living thuglife.Pac is the rap and hiphop and thats why today rap and hiphop is know where to be found because niggas are out talking shit know one is spiting out the real thing.Pac is the Jesus in the rap world,yes he is the king of rap,the greatest,the best,the boss of all bosses, and know one can ever put it down like him and know click can it down like The Outlaws,they are the best and strongest rap click ever.This goes out for all my thug famliy and you shouln't forget his world.No man seperate what we create,Unstoppable, untouchable, motherfuckin worldwide mob figures.Thats how we keep it going.One love to all my thug family,Hussein Fatal, Edi Amin, Kastro, Napolean,noble,nutso,big sky,CPO,Manute, Pain, Syke,Mopreme...Makaveli lives on,Khadafi lives on

An inspiring icon's exit. | Reviewer: Kingno10 | 9/3/12

Oh my rap king, 2pac Amaru Shakur. The rose that grew frm a concrete. I shared so many tears when i heard u're no more, but what more can say after remembering ur qoute "LIFE GOES ON" i believe hiphop is no more , so i dont bother listening to rap songs anymore, cus to me non can do it like u does. 2pac's lyrics aspire me to the point that i had to rap in every of my songs as an underground artist. He's poetic nature (2pac) made me a good lyricist n thats why u're my Thug Angel. I wish i could have a little of your thugs passion in this life of mine. 2pac made me proud to be a black. Much love my nigga.

BLACK JESUS | Reviewer: a.k.a Nightowl | 8/23/12

i bliv dat pac was a prophet who realy sent massage 2 us thro lyrics.i rilly luv him 4 bin hihly intellectual,great writer,outspoken,outlawz nd hardworking Nigga.he realy wanted 2 raiz a BlacK Nation dat waz why illuminati get he murdad.pac's lyrics giv hop.i hav a grt confidence in him,his legacy is ril and his a courageous thug,man.he motivated me in so many aspect.i learnt 4rom his qoutes nd i dig d way he raps gallantly.his d grtest raper of all tyme, his so generous 2 his people nd if i should say,he's a God sent becuz he's God fearing.As a thug,who raps about d cruel treament blaks receive 4rom d white-maz government,he waz luved by so many blaks.i waz realy astonished by him,infact he's a blak prince.i'm realy enlightend by one of his tracks,white man'z world in whick he was encoragin blak nation.wel,outlawz neva die,umaru livs 4 ever,fools!until d end of tyme, shakur.Udensi Ifegadi(a.k.a Nightowl)4rom Aba,East-Coast,9ja.don't be decived,real Gs neva die,maggots!

kennaveli aka nasty karis | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/11

Yo all u matha fackas who think by killin pac u'll fuck u all coz outlawz stil live in us coz we mathafuckin thugs till we die n thats the truth but nothing else but the truth bitches a holla to all ma outlawz brathas on the street keepin it real keepin it thugin keep it up n show the world that thugs r always the best

we love 2pac | Reviewer: aybto | 12/22/11

no one And still I see no changes can't a bother get a little peace
There's war in the streets and war in the middle east
Instead of war on poverty they got a war on drugs
so the police can bother me
And I ain't never did a crime I ain't have to do
But now I'm back with the facts givin' em back to you
Don't let 'em jack you up, back you up,
crack you up and pimps Smack you up
You gotta learn to hold ya own
they get jealous when they see ya with ya mobile phone
But tell the cops they can't touch this
I don't trust this when they try to rush I bust this
That's the sound of my tool you say it ain't cool
my mama didn't raise no fool
And as long as I stay black I gotta stay strapped
I never get to lay back
'Cause I always got to worry 'bout the pay backs
some buck that I roughed up way back
comin' back after all these years
rat-a-tat-tat-tat-tat that's the way it is uhh

can try like pac to say kill each other

What a f**kt-up world..! | Reviewer: De' black Prince | 11/17/11

Evry one in dis murdafking world gat lov 4 pac,its only d haters dat got him killed. Pac like u said...u'll be rmemberd until d end of time baby. Outlaws!! westside!! thugging on ur fucking life!!!

I luv pac | Reviewer: J young a.k.a d street rhyder | 11/14/11

I luv pac cos he is my best rapper,pac tot me how 2 be a thug nigga,and am promising d whole globe dat dere will be aguy comin soon 2 shake d world like 2pac just did.his name is j young a.k.a d street rhyder. my ambition is 2 be a rhyder,cos am ayoung thug,so expect me wit my album 2012,gangstas bell.by d hip hop king j young.

loan | Reviewer: Mrs loveth samson | 9/23/11

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2pac da best 4 ever. | Reviewer: Beetwelve(bally) | 9/19/11

2pac is my mentor my hero 4 lyf. He is d best rapper al tym. Does matherfuckn niggaz dt killd u him are al beast 4 takn suck an icon of a musical industry... We luv u 2pac., beetwelve 4rm 9jaria. Kogi~loja. Newlayout.

Pac mentor 2 al rappaz | Reviewer: Elly | 8/10/11

2pac lyrics is lyk d weed,evry tru gangsta nid feed on...no rappa living or gon can attain d hight of fame. 21 gun shot salut 2 a tru legend,makaveli d don. If u dnt lyk hm den 4uk u. I ws por wt no fada nor rich mama, i tot i cnt make it bt pac shit gav me hop,i went hustlin hard left my gheto (otukpo) 2 Abuja stil hustlin,salein black market fuel,cops chasein gunblazin i aint lazy alwys escapein bt i tnk God i can nw proudly say am a sef made millionaire. 2 much money niga.

My mentor | Reviewer: Slim shady | 7/13/11

All i can say dat,pac left us when we need more of his realistic songs,pac made me to trust no one even my homes,he gives me moral 2 furge ahead,despite being born in place were you think you cannot make it,shakur is d real nigga.all i can say is rest in peace dog!!!one luv,peace!!!