im' a see you soon to homie! | Reviewer: saluter | 9/20/06

its no doubt that pac was the best. If you dont think so, you a fuckin trick. dont give damn what everyone says. I hear you pac and youll never be forgotten. too bad we couldnt kick it and bust a couple of those fools together. FUCK bad boys FUck em all -jsal- for the real ppl out there kepp your head up and your faith cuz with out that shit you aint shit. by the way if you can find me look me up in Brevard County,FLA

i use to know tupac he wasnt the best of freinds but i saw him out and about @ dayz..he woz ma nigga tht mtha fukin biggi g0t straigted butout boi 2pac still er but is dead... | Reviewer: jason | 8/12/06

Im sorry 4 dos ppl out dere dat dont believe me but i hav my hands shown to god at all times tupic was a legand hewas da man he use to come innda same town as me we chilled out 2 he ma bredbin but he had our tymz he so safe all does FUKERZ WHO WID BIGGIE DAT FAT CNT HE GOT sORTED PRIK MAN HE TINK DAT OK 2 KILL HIM MANU MENTAL U FINK WE UP4U ON URE SIDE?? PPPFFF WE RNT A WORLD WIDD OUT 2PAC MATE BIGGI U SUKD WE ALL WELCOMED 2 2PAC WE ON HIS MOTHER FUKIN SIDE I THINK BOUT HIM EVERYDAY!!! COZ WE SAFE XX
lord canu hear me speak?? everyday i pray 2pa cud com and relive his life ALL U SUKERZ MA MAN 2PAC STILL DER BRUV YER HE REPPIN HIS ENDZ HE OUT DER BUT FINKS WE ALL SHAMED OF HIM!! 2PAC IFU HEAR ME COM C ME AND U FANZ OUT DERE HE KNOZ U CARE 4HIM BLESSD BI GODXXX cm2 see me 2pac uR always blessed +our sayin memba?? DONT JUDGE ME IF U DONT KNO ME XXX SAFE

2pac: the one, the only, the greatest. | Reviewer: val | 5/24/06

He is the greatest rapper ever. Noone can or will ever take his crown as the king of rap. There will never be anyone close to his skill as a rapper and as a poet. His words were and always will be the heart of us all. Hate him or love him, you gotta respect his work. He spoke the truth about this world. And even in death, he will always help us out through his songs and his poetry. RIP tupac shukar. LoVe To YoU. >one<

Important Notice For Fans | Reviewer: Jimmy | 4/21/06

2pac, Still Alive?? Yea Hey Is Still Alive. A Few People On The Inside Has Spotted Him!! Location Is Unknown As Of Right now But I Am Still In Touch With Them. Up dates Will Continue As I Get More Info But As Of Now He Is Still Alive So There Is No Worries. Just Listen TO His Music And Watch His Videos If You Are a True Fan Then You Know He Speaks Of Wanting TO Get Out Of The Music Business. He Staged His Death To Get Out Of All The Bull Shit That He Was Going Through. He Doesn’t Want To Be Know As Alive Cause He Is Tired Of The Fans And The Shit!! Just Put Your Self In His Shoes For A Moment Imagine People All Over You All The Time And All Your Friends Getting Shot Up. You Never Know He Probably Had Some Money Problems And There Was Drug Problems Just Think Maybe He Got Scared And Staged His Death To Get out Of It All. No Worries I Luv Ya Brother One Luv 2pac.

tupac greatest rapper alive and dead | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/06

yea as we all kno tupac dead or is he, as we kno his famous CDMakaveli The Don Killuminati was his most foretold CD and how 7 was his favorite CD and everyone wants to kno who shot him some say suge knight in this cd listen carefully he says "suge shot me" i kno dat probly not mean much or bone thugz n harmony new song when bizzy repeats he's alive, he's alive, he's alive says it right be4 pac's verse so listen well if u rearrange his CD up there i mentioned the letters make a sentence it says: Ok on the 7th u think im dead yet im really alive, he officially "died" at 4:03 p.m. 4+3+7. also died at age 25 2+5=7, and he sent carson daly e-mail askin did u think i died? rukahs(Shakur backwards) Africa,and carson threw away the mail, he looked up rukahs and it really is a town in africa, and if u notice he is crucified in his video smile, on his cd covers, and his favorite # is 7, then after he died biggie died 7 months, and the only witness got shot nov. 7 ( am i makin sense hea) but every video he shot it had tha # 7 in it like the license plate on the bak of car was 61671, then the clock on tha wall 4:03 the official time and the hotel room he went in with the girl was tha 7, so look up some of his lyrics and see wut im talkn bout watch videos wuteva, listen ta songs carefully, because when he says suge shot me it comes really fast but i think he's alive but others have different opinions
til nex tyme peace

A REAL GANGSTA!!! | Reviewer: helen | 2/1/06

2pac was a great artiest he was loyal to hs fans even tho 2pac is DEAD in my mind he still lives i didnt like 2pac at first bt the more i listened to hs music i realised he was the greatest man alive. my fav songs are changes thung get lonley to hailmary and dear mama youl always be missed bt you wiil neva be 4gotten i love you 2pac always and 4eva you biggest fan.... keep it real and one day i hope we get to meet ill be seeing you soon bt nt to soon... R.I.P 2PAC GANGSTA 4LYFE yeayah!!

Tupac Shakur | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/23/06

man i dont give a shit nowadayz wit all this "gangsta" rap shit.There is olny one and will olny be one true thug. And who the fuck ever said 50 is like tupac needs to be executed!
Thug mansion in my eyez is the song that i can vibe to the easiest! it explains alotta shit!!!
R.I.P. Pac yah in our hearts and mindz forever Makaveli STILL LIVES ON!
Thug Life!

2PAC will never die!!! | Reviewer: Latso | 11/19/05

just look at the rappers today... shitheads with shit lyrics. rappers today rap shit. they all stink letting the shit come out of their mouths.people only listen to the motherfucking fat beats. what are you all on about??!!!! fuck it all! 2pac and his lyrics!!!!!!!! 2PAC 4EVER!!!! peace out!!!

Lady_sHakurr | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/05

Tupac ! We miss yah boy ! June 16th 1971 - September 13th 1996 .. FUCK THA MOTHAFUCKAH WHO SHOT YAH ! Yah're always in ar Heart even if yah're dead ! REST IN PEACE ! See yah to tha crossroad !

2Pac da king | Reviewer: maria | 11/4/05

I think Pac is and will 4eva B tha most gratest hiphop artist

best rapper hu eva live!!!!!! | Reviewer: russell jaggs | 10/21/05

i loved tupac he is dead so every 1 hu spreds shit bout him can fuck off cos he is and always will be the best rapper ever lived i love changes cos it explains my whole life and he will always ave a place in my mind until i die and i ave beaten ppl 4 sayin shit bout him b4 and i still do so....... r.i.p peace bruv and i know we will meet in heaven 1 day

TUPAC Ressurection song | Reviewer: ibsen | 10/12/05

Does anybody know which version of until the end of time is in the movie tupac ressurection?

da don lives on | Reviewer: alex | 10/11/05

pac is da greatest, da realest, da fullest spat his rhymes in bullets lol, r.i.p tupac amaru shakur, let him rest in peace stop dis bull s**t oh he's alive, dat is disrespecting him calling him a pussy to fake his death, nah bun dat s**t, aight u got issues email me holla! . MAKAVELI LIVES ON!

Master | Reviewer: gangsta_bryab | 10/8/05

2pac is gewo0n de master rapper van de wereld..!!!
o0wk al is diej do0d hij is en blijft de vader van rap..!!

2PAC your tha master


umm | Reviewer: kimmi | 10/1/05

umm the 2 people that said thank god he still lives... HULLO he's dead!! :| whats going on there lol ... but he rocks luv ya 2pac R.I.P bruva!! i wish u were alive tho :( but u aint o0o well u still live in ma mind :D