makaveli d don | Reviewer: umar ibrahim | 3/6/11

The illuminati or i should say the freemasons killed 2pac. But his legacy lives on. I like pac music because he is straght forward, he fought d illuminati till end dats why they killed him. . I have all pac albums wit singles except his latest album the rose that grew from concrete. Makaveli d don killuminati is my best album.While runing dying to live with BIG and thug luv wit bone thugs are my best tracks.

2pac in my opinion was the best ever did it | Reviewer: sam williams | 11/3/10

2pac is my favorite rapper in the whole world he taught me things and he is the reason i became one of the most outspoken writers ever did it. I look up to pac cuz of his intellectual mind and the way he spit the dude can't be touched Im a writer who advance with potential and my writings are filled with wisdom thanks to Tupac and a couple other good rappers out there R.I.P. Tupac Shakur

NO QUESTION THE BEST EVER | Reviewer: curtis frink | 8/20/10

This Man laid it down like no other ever will, he put down the real blue print for rappers to succeed as well as gave hope to the underdogs to never give up and push forward he was political educational and street savy all rolled into one. no matter how your day is going (up or down)he has a song for you to motivate, this is my main man forever. since his death i have not purchased any other rappers cd but have listened to them all and no one comes close to his intellectual mind set

my best rapstar in the world | Reviewer: NAZY SHOW | 10/20/09

I really appreciate tha way and manner that tupac shakur is producing his song, there is no one that can say tupac had ever copy a song or a music from other rapstars in the world, he is a man on his own.tupac is dead but up to now people are still listining to his music from the time that he is dead that is 1996 till now 2009. may the great rapstar rest in perfect peace. iam nazy show/dtm/katsina/

The Legend's glory is like a sun that shine and daze on every fellas | Reviewer: Adeola Oladunjoye | 9/6/09

Vividly,i could recall one of his chorus "it's the 2pac pac,it's the 2pac-2pac"
2pac Shakur knew whot he was doing.He'd given a lot upcoming stars the boldness needed to thrive in the industry.He said words which are easily decoded as thought of a wise heart.No one would beleive that one of his kind could be God fearing to the extent of making dedication in songs to his creator.Though,in the early days,his ways weren't admired by d mother but yet,he made her now dat her worth was inestimable to him and live d way a man ought to live.Candidly speaking,none among his contemporaries could live lyk he did.On this note,our generation and even ones to come shall love to hear about him and indeed love him.Yo man,it's your boy Adeola Oladunjoye from Nija

alive | Reviewer: NWL-2PAC | 2/28/09

tupac is dead he got shot by the motherfucking suge knight,you can ask my home boy snoop dogg!! suge knight used the things tupac did against him, so if he killed him he get a lot of money and everybody sad that b.i.g killed him but, en suge knight illed him also so he could run west and east side but now he's in jail. en ng wat thug life nwl zuid we run it nigga peaaaach from a hussler/gangster/playaa/and thug nigga from netherlands cyaaaa

Why many Asian shit ain't know 2Pac? | Reviewer: Ghun | 2/6/09

God damn it, I'm an Asian too. And i can't undastand why tha fuk many muhfukin Asian ain't know 2Pac. Shit, they claim themselves hiphop fanz, rap fanz, and maybe they just know about Eminem. Fuck dat shit. I have a conclusion: "Listen to Pac before openin' ya muhfuckin mouth ta claim yaself a rap fan"

Ofcourse, many other Asian muhfuckaz like me know 2Pac and love Pac. Rest in peace man, it's a pity that when I'm ya fanz, you're gone for good. But you live foreva in our heart.

respect | Reviewer: mjager | 1/17/09

you gotta believe in yourself , if you see in his songtekst that he's still alive , then he is
i believe too, its a legend no one will know

Listen thugz mansion ;)
you will hear things, that makes him inmortal
But he also says that he will leave everything behind him

you can write 10 pages biographic , only to listen to his music

Respect fore the legend, that still lives

pac | Reviewer: Thug Life | 12/29/08

yo first of RIP PAC if he is dead, but he is not dead. 13 years, n PPl still listen to his shit. i wasnt a fan till i started payin attention to his lyrics. dude have some crazy mysic bout his death n it makes people wonder. he is like 2 face. 2pac is, the best any rapper could get. no one will get on pacs level. period.

2 pac..R.E.S.P.E.C.T | Reviewer: Fokq | 12/8/08

ya know ive got respect for this man
he was a man of his words and he was always lockt up because people had her eyes on him
they hated it him because he was a black man and he had much money but i have only one thing to say respect ..i know how it is to be lockt up
i am now a couple of years in jail and its not good i am going crazy in their R.I.P 2 Pac

Respect | Reviewer: RIP tupac | 9/28/08

dis nigga right here was the best there ever was and still is ...

the things that make me look up to him is the fact that he dint care what race people where they where all eqal and his the 1st rapper to come out of a shell and say this ...

even tho there was alot of people who din't like him thats because they dont no why he was doing the things he did and thats because they never took the time to listien to his lyrics and thought he was just a another gangbanger but no he was a man with a purpose . he was true for trying to chage socity so that other blacks and whites did not have to go tho the things he did poverty drugs voilence gang voicence and for this i respect him

some people relate to the things "jesus" did ...if he existed
but i beliove in tupac and i raised from his lyrics and so i relate to the things he has been tho ... RIP 2pac gone but neva forgotten

you are my hero man | Reviewer: v ictor vincent ayaga | 9/26/08

for sure there isnt any person alive that can take your place,you are the real king of hip taught me how to love ma mama.i wish you were alive but now that you are gone rip miss you till w meet again

big respect 4 tha N.i.g.g.a 2pac | Reviewer: Blay aka black cotton | 8/19/08

I gotta so much respect 4 my nigga 2pac cuz we both from the ghetto. I love tha nigga cuz he brought the light in many people's life, white as black people. It ain't about 2 be a black 2 love pac, it's about 2 understand the words cuz pac represent the light. His inspirations come from God. R.I.P 4 my nigga 2pac, the best ever lived, the best ever did it, the best 4ever. After him, there will not be another. So respect ya...

Respect Voor 2pac | Reviewer: Mar-One | 8/2/08

I Love 2pac ' hy is de men en the king of rap
i love he's songs en he have good albums also
but i don't no if hy is alive ' along god now's that ' Respect 2pac shakur ( 1971-1996 )
Whit al love from de rapper Mar-One from Holland Stedenwijk-Zuid)

only a number | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/08

Well its great to read all the reviews, i beleive 2pac could speak on every level due to lifes big bad walls. Theres hope in every line every lyric that smashed out of that little body and it gave me hope and i respect that because just from music there a rope that he throw to me without his knowledge.