2pac luv ya! | Reviewer: kimmi | 10/1/05

2pac is my favourite rapper out of all of them .. his lyrics arent jst lyrics but they mean something .. i love his song 'changes, ghetto gospel and dont you trust me' although i do luv em all but them 3 r my favz!! .. i wish he was still alive .. he didn diserve to die .. n who eva killed him should b ashamed .. there r ppl saying hes still alive putting crap together to make ppl think 'hey maybe he still is alive' .. ppl jst accept the fact hes dead .. although i wish he wasnt he is .. jst keep him alive in ur mind .. listen 2 his music and make others listen 2 it as well .. ppl need 2 keep 2pac alive in der mind .. he is a great person alwayz will b no matter if he's dead .. LUV YA 2PAC!! ... lardaz .. from kimmi

2pac senior rap master | Reviewer: segun | 9/21/05

2pac ur..... nothing but special 2me but only lord know if u dead or alive but hope some day we get 2 meet much love.

tupac is the best and will be the best as long this world excists | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/05

i was so upset when tupac died!! we lost a very talented black male. he was a poet!! i cried for weeks when he died. As long as we don't forget him he'll always be here!! (thats kinda of a confured)
R.I.P brother

tupac amaru shakur | Reviewer: matt | 9/4/05

man, what can i say, damn, pac helps me through so much shit, i be sad or depressed, put on a pac track and im ok for a while. my favorite song is When We Ride On Our Enemies. and i don't think he is alive so everybody whos all like " oh yea i totally beleive hes alive" just let him rest in peace. every word he says, everything he does, touches me in so many ways yaknowhatimsayin? hes the best "rapper" of all time, but to me, tupac is more of a poetic, and when it comes down to it, id say biggie was the best "rapper" of all time. hes like one of the biggest influences in my life and he continues to touch more people everyday

Best of all time true legend.. | Reviewer: ertugrul guney | 8/26/05

Hes definetly MOST Sucecesfull and best rapper in this game
in turkey the people whisch is know tue rappers all of them favorite 2pac
Hes more then a rapper hes a lived this music..
Feel his sound and beat nıone reach 2pac level in this rap game
the lyrics are hit your herat like the arrow

tha best of all | Reviewer: wwb | 8/5/05

2pac goes down as the best rapper of all time. his sound has hot beat, amazing chorus and his lyrics send as a real message. 2pac, you left us but we follow your ghetto gospel...

rapper of all time | Reviewer: dude | 6/14/05

i think 2pac is the best rapper of all time! whoever was involved in his death should die slowly and painfully. as they say, the good die young.

i love tupac | Reviewer: tupac lover | 5/22/05

tupac is my hero! i will love him forever. im getting his name tated on my arm! I BELIEVE HE STILL ALIVE. NOONE CAN LOVE HIM AS MUCH AS I DO! and ive alsos got all of his albulms so kiss my ass! as tupac wuold saY "WE OUT LAWS , LET ME RIDE"

2pac | Reviewer: Ellise | 5/22/05

I only just heard a song of his (changes) and i have listened to all his albums. I reckon hes an excellent singer, who didnt deseve what he got. He still lives in our hearts and always will do, just because physically hes not here, mentally he is. He never did anything wrong, and i think we should keep his music alive by keeping in our minds and re-releasing his songs, so others who havnt heard of him can admire him as much as we do now.

Xxx Your the best 2pac, your always in my heart xxX

courage | Reviewer: flames | 5/12/05

Tupac is the greatest rapper of all time. He is an inspiaration to a lot of people. He isn't afraid to say whatever he wants. He spoke the truth and never promoted violence. "We lost an intelligent young black male", no one really listened to him when he was alive, that's when we lost him. We gained him after death as that's when we all started to pay attention and open our eyes up about how the world really does work around us.

Tupac | Reviewer: robert | 5/10/05

TuPac is the best rapper there is if eminem and 2pac had a rap battle tupac would win in a heart beat then they would shake hands cuz they are the collest rappers. I still think pac is alive and hopefuly he is cuz if he is I wanna get his autograph on his new cd called Loyal to The Game. my mission is to get all his cds before im 18. where ever your at Pac peace to you and your moma. PEACE OUT TO EVERYONE EPSICALLY TUPAC. YO PEACE OUT YALL!!!!!

my model | Reviewer: victor s.m.o.g | 5/10/05

Tu pac is such a good rapper that i have choose him as my role model.
Thank God Tu pac still lives.

he aint no alive | Reviewer: Sharky | 4/25/05

he aint alive
but chu rite pac iz da realest rappa out dere
rip 2pac

2pac for ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/3/05

2pac is the greatest rapper ever,he is my idol and i look up to him.i am also happy that he is alive.

fully sick | Reviewer: sam | 10/15/04

2pac is such a hero to me and all of my friends. at the moment i am doing a project on him and he rocks. he is an inspiration