Only God can judge me | Reviewer: Godwin | 6/15/10

If there an album that Pac sat down and made it cloud nine, then it's "All on eyes on me". This is a serious master piece that he gave us, the fans, whole-heartedly "Only God can judge me" is one of the best although it seconds "Keep ya Head up" on my opinion.This absolutely tops ever artist that ever held a mic from RnB,soul, pop, reggea, and all world secular music ever written. Here, Pac was true poet (Shakespear level),a mother, a brother,a mentor, a "prophet", a philosipher and an entertainer. I love this song with all my heart from way back then till now. God bless 2pac. We love you.

Great Song | Reviewer: Jerricoh | 6/10/09

Great song but not pacs best song ever. Song is very true bout niggaz in the street. We go alot deeper then how they put us on television. Real thugs cry too like pac said and aint no self defense in the court is 100% true.

best pac song eva | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/07

this is the best song pac has ever made this for real