Always a heroe | Reviewer: KNOX DINX | 4/11/13

2pac,u made me a best rapper 2day through listening to your music.u were great & your music is still the best because even today there is no any other artist who can be compared with you in the hiphop genre music industry.we miss.R.I.P Mackaveli

much love 2pac from your number 1 fan in life and rip mr. tupac shakur. | Reviewer: jeffrey l wade | 8/31/12

I.ll always until the day that I die love your music and also intelligence, and persistintcy to become great and dilligence your one in trillion, in life and death, definitly a prophet, and may your soul r.I.p I.ll always know through your teaching whether you knew it when you where here you taught me jeff a lot and im from poverty and the ghetto and I.ll always respect you love you in life and death. 2pac r.I.p buddy love ya to death. Me againt the world, I feel that way at times to. Sir. R.I.p.

Classic | Reviewer: gametime | 6/15/11

The only rapper that became a legend by not focusing on making 'club' songs and mainstream music. The man had a message in every song, and it always came from his heart. RIP, The Best There Ever Was and Ever Will Be.

wow! | Reviewer: 2Pac the greatest | 11/15/08

2Pac is a true legend and lyricist. His lyrics have proven to be some of the deepest ever written, and continue to flourish in the real hip-hop community, not that fake lil-wayne, t-pain bulls*** hip-hop community that contains no message or purpose. This is one of the greatest songs ever written, and it proves that 2Pac is one of the greatest musicians ever. THe messages stressed by this song are so real. May he rest in peace.