2pac the greatest of oll the thmes | Reviewer: Aminu Ibrahim Hari | 6/7/14

2pac is best rapper in the world he die but his music will live forever and ever and remember that he said 'expect me nigga like you are expecting jesus to come back

Fresh ears | Reviewer: Inca187 | 3/28/08

I bet ya'll already heard people saying pac is the realest cat to ever be out on rap,to be real wit ya'll, if u don't know the original recording, u ain't never heard original past tupac album, u might say this tape is good, but if u heard death row makaveli, the shady/amaru entertainment made up tracks is straight crap, afeni should be about her business if she still wants to keep loyal tupac fans to keep buying new material, the reviews might have not liked the cut n pastes eminem made, but i think they were really cool....its like a feeling giving u that impression that pac is alive n really doing his thing wit those cats, but putting g-unit there was good by me, because at that point in time they(g unit) were the centre of rap, it was like reminding the new his hop fanbase about the 90's artist