makavelifan07 | Reviewer: Noor | 8/17/07

I was just wondering since im chaldean & you got that one part in your lyric it says: My posse is **Chaldean** and they don't wait until they drop me... does he actually say Chaldean or cocky? because i checked other lyric they all say cocky? lol so i dont know i was just real curious =)

Keepin' It Real For Makaveil | Reviewer: Jeff Mansfield | 1/2/06

I personally feel like 50 cent and the G-Unit have no right, nor senseablity to fuck with this Thug shit. Common man, Makaveil was orginal and put all his best efforts into creating this "cut" back in the day. It's a fuckin' shame that individuals like the one's mentioned above can't come up with somthing of thier own. And oh yeah, FUCK DRE/ Emienm? and all them other BUSTA FAKERS!
Sincerly, POTLEE