RESPECT ! | Reviewer: N . R. L | 10/19/10

You really have to listen to this song, to understand it ! Itz Ma First Time Listening to it and he is really speakin tha truth ; jus sit bakk and listen ; it makes yu feel better ! ALOT better cause every word is so true KEEP YA HEAD UP"

there the same | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/4/10

Pac an biggie walk the earth an light up da place there never b no1 to take there place some angels r just not meant to stay they done there job that's y when u play there songs it hits u ha har RIP

people should really stand up, keep their heads up | Reviewer: carl | 9/13/10

people should stand up, keep their heads up 'cause it ain't worth a life that ain't got no happiness and love (well hey we live once right? Get on the good side of life ya'll without disruptin life of others 'round ya) so, insteada bein low and sad all da time (like i once did) be a person with goodness and happiness and never give up(on yourself and others) even if the set up of life is goin way tough on ya.........

Haunting melody! | Reviewer: Remmy A | 9/12/10

2pac respected women alot. He was extremely a wiseboy unless annoyed. When i hear this song it haunts me the whole day. I wish he would be with us but the funny or not funny thing about life is that it kills us in the end. God bless 2pac. Amen

learn and respect | Reviewer: mimi hicks | 8/9/10

wat we could all LEARN from this is that we should show RESPECT women and if u see a young mother probably of 3 at 20 years old or younger then all men should RESPECT becauseone day u'll see a beautiful woman the next day she's dead and she's all over the news and wat i can learn from this song is that the conflict is that young men can't learn to stop and get off of young women and think about the future and wat life brings to you

Legendary | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/10

Tupac is not only talking about BLACK women. He is talking about all women no matter what race. I think it is very disrespectful that everyone continues to argue about Biggie and Tupac. People need to learn to respect the rap culture in general and just let it go.

tru legend | Reviewer: thabani south africa | 7/31/10

to add, i truly wish dat god wudv spared tupac so he can show us how to stand tall and be firm no matter how people may put us down, we can mak it as young blak males. he really touched me in a deep way. fuck m so addicted to his style, music, boldness and attitude

Imma Miss Yu! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/10

Maynee Maynne Maynee!. Iwasnt here wen tupac came out. but i really felt like i was there listenin to his music!. This man is to good to be dead.! Maynee crush your beefs wit ur enemies its not worth it!.
RIP Tupac. Keep Ya Head Up

2pac lyrical genius and my role model | Reviewer: Austin | 5/25/10

Im a 14 year old white boy on the east coast and i grew up listing to Tupac and his lyrics touch me because there all true. He was not phony in no shape way or form. i look up too 2pac and his struggle for succes R.I.P. 2pac

2pac | Reviewer: Ernest makhado | 5/26/10

Guys u like it or not,u believe it or not,tupac is the greatest rapper of all times,his lyrics is so amaizing i dont where does the fresh nigga like pac got the shit reality? That guy he is straight to the point,he dont compromise,but i learned more from my late rapper pac and i got so many lyrics which i wrote on my own.pac the realest shit splitter

2pac waz tha shiiiiiet | Reviewer: CHEAAA | 5/15/10

Biggie had tighter rhymes...and no his rhymes arnt just about cars n women they reflect the moods and shit he was going through at the time e.g suicidal thoughts , Tupac had more meaning behind his shit

Doesnt matter who is better | Reviewer: R.J | 4/18/10

Look at the lyrics from both artists. I guarantee that both writers/genius's wrote something that meant deep to them. If you look at Juicy by Biggie than you will see that it's about how he grew up. Pac always wrote some deep, heavy shit. Both were excellent at what they did and both grew up together. God i remember the days when both died.

R.I.P to both.

he tried hard to create a new society | Reviewer: Jima | 3/29/10

2pac stand firm against all odds.he tried hard to rearrange the phony his songs he has touched every corner of life just to bring a change and he is not merely a rapper rather he is prophet who foretold about many things happening this days.know that behand obamas win there is tupac thru its change lyrics!!!!i won't wory wether he alive coz even if he's dead he is eternal.

Real Rappers | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/3/10

ummmm, to the guy who said all biggie raps about are cars, women, sex......yeah idk about you but i've listened to a lot of biggies shit, and most of it is not like that. suicidal thoughts? ten crack commandments? everyday struggle?
just saying man.

in another subject, this song is so amazing. its true all these new rappers seriously need to take lessons from the best.
Bone Thugs

2pac | Reviewer: Steph | 2/27/10

honestly 2pac is the best rapper all these rappers now a days juss talk about money and sex and shyt but when u listen to his songs yuh remember what real rap was all about . his songs are motivating and this song is my favortite becauce it talks about one of the most cruel thing that a guy could do to a girl . RIP 2pac