King of rap PAC | Reviewer: Smiley | 11/7/14

He is amazing. Very inspirational I look up to my nigga .I'm a rapper mostly because of how he inspired me to group up and make a change in this delusional Generation .I LOVE YOU PAC ! May you rest in paradise .ALWAYS.

2 pac shakur was not only a rapper he was a poet, a prophet and a bratha close to my heart. his music touches the hearts of many ol round the world. he had charity at heart and for that alone I wl olways cherish him.ol day every day Makaveli the don Ima olways luv and respect u remember these words on ur song thugz mansion. (jus think of ol 'e people that u knew in ' e past that passed on, they in heaven found peace at last picture a place dat ' ey exist together ' ere has 2 be a place beta than this in heaven so ryt b4 I sleep dear God remember ths face save me a place).may God bless u my nigga .special dedication. so many tears

Tupac will fade away. | Reviewer: Lori Panderson | 12/20/13

Im actually in tears reading these lyrics , i havnt heard this song in so long and its bringing back so many memories. When i was 16 i got pregnant and the babys father ran away as soon as he heard the news off his sister.i never saw him again. This song really spoke to me at the time and helped me through. Now 7 years later it still makes my heart heavy and i cant wait till my baby girl Leesa is old enough to appreciate these lyrics and realise that shes not the only one without a daddy.

R.I.P | Reviewer: Victoria Rose Chaplin | 12/20/13

Good meaningful music died with this wonderful talented man. Ive always has a life of luxury i grew up in a happy wealthy neighourhood , my father was a banker , my mother a model , i really had it all but i never appreciated it. Tupacs music helped me to become aware of others and how they live their life. I now work for several charities helping the homeless and needy and i truly believe that it was Tupacs music that inspired me to do so.

Getto gospel | Reviewer: Vincent Rajoale | 8/27/13

If i was like em i was gona say Pac is father in Heaven and Jayz Jesus christ Holy grail D365 cumng SOON am da cure of HIV secrite escaped like in a Rihanna vidoe music Princess of china. Motherland Nigga

2pac - The Demi-god | Reviewer: soulman | 6/16/13

If I should die, get to the land where the dead ones have gone, 2pac is the 1st person i would like to meet. As most people will assume; they listen to his music but to me, I READ HIS SONGS!

Pac: The BEST ever... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/13

Pac remains the best rapper ever to have lived on earth...

I said I love ya Pac but I lied cos what I feel inside is more than love for ya.

God bless Afeni for bringing ya to the world.

R.I.P. Soldier man!!!


the outlawz | Reviewer: kullezon | 4/5/13

I wish the made nigga is still alive, the fearless nigga who stand to protect the black, they all succed in killing pac but can not wipe his memory away, is unfortunate that all the made niggaz is gone, i miss u 2pac amaru shakur, any time i listen to ur music i feel strong and galant. All i know - Pac is comming back

rest in peace big brother pac? | Reviewer: michael.e | 12/13/12

a lot of rappers of nowadays dont say the truth they only sing about money the blin blin on their neck and cars,but 2pac was the real rapper who say the truth and never afraid of anybody,2pac was a hero and a legend that will forever be remember from generation to generation and whenever i listen to 2pac i got enough encouragement listen to 2pac is like going to church and hear the word of God it made me to be strong and have great believe i love u pac the wold say u have pass away u are no more but still live in the eyes of us that love u thanks a lot pac and thanks for the true message u have pass around the world and thanks for ur music and thanks to ur big mama afeni shaku cause she raise a king in a war,and u will forever remain the greatest rapper of all time, rest in paece big brother i llove u pac and i will forever miss u?

miss you my king pac | Reviewer: G-win | 11/3/12

Tupac is so amazing like others just said,he speaks the truth and say what you wanna hear,he have helped me in so many areas of my life and he also inspires me and give me the courage of not giving up in life even though is hard,betters days are still ahead..pac is my life and my everything and wish he was still alive..i really miss him and love him so much with my whole heart and he is my world..he helped brought out the talent of rap in me and he teaches me to be strong to face my enemies..believe me,pac is like a God(he is a God)best rapper ever...i wounder why the good die young..though somepoeple dont understand him like he said in one of his interview but only we his true fans understand and know what he is saying..pac is a very nice,kind,loving and caring person....he is the best hero ever and may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace and he will forever reign in my heart..pac i love you so much and wish i could meet with you someday but i promise to keep telling the world the truth and will for ever worship you..where ever you are pac,i need you to give me that strength and ability to continue doing your work and telling the world the truth...your the only person who teaches us how to ride on our enemies pac you will for ever reign and i want to world to know that your are the only elder brother i big brother 2pac i love you from the death of my heart

Rip pac | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/10/12

Yo!its daygee holding it down 4 d motherland,nigeria,africa.i neva knu how much of a legend pac was until i started makin my reseach on him hence my luv 4him writin my college final year thesis on him.pac was indeed a legend!sumtyms i ask'why do good people av 2 die soon'?GOD kows pac



Wrong Generation | Reviewer: Breeee | 6/30/12

Man, I grew up knowing former rap but sadly wasn't actually around yet at the time. Seriously, I believe this man is one of the greatest rappers to ever live. Today's music is recycled lyrics, autotune, rich boys that never went through shit but lie about it, etc. Ughhhh, and then comes in the blind fans thinking their "true" rap artists and music...R.I.Paradise 'Pac. u.u

The Best Rapper the World has ever seen | Reviewer: Joseph Eze | 6/25/12

I still cry till date for this great lengend who makes me proud of being black and inspired me in all areas of life.....oooooh He past away too early, the whole world will keep missing u "PAC" and I wished I saw Him with ma eyez...GOD bless u 2PAC, bless AFENI SHAKUR, bless all PAC'S FAN...We luv u bro

Keep ya head up | Reviewer: Aminu bala kankara | 6/12/12

Dead was disapoint me.when i was young dead take my daddy,nd uh am nt hapy,bt am b patient,cos i knw 2pac is alive.then dead tak my homie brother{2pac}am cry 4longtym,bt i remember that wen pac is alive use to sing ta me that,the only promise of ds life is dead,nd tel me that his fear is not death,bt hs fear is dead when he stil alive.there 4 2pac is stil alive but his body is buried.and god bles the world.except pac's enermy.