for the love of tupa | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/12

lesanne perish crooks is my parent he guided me not to give up nomatter how strong is wind.i chaleng life throughout his music in our daily basis im steal having a strong desire of yo work love u his soul rest in peace.dead be not proud

For The Love Of Makaveli | Reviewer: For The Love Of Makaveli | 2/14/12

Makaveli the don killumniati r.i.p. god bless you for the things you did for us, the songs that you made always got trough
'' If u aint screemin westside you can get the fock off''

Dear Mama | Reviewer: thug life | 1/13/12

2Pac showed to respect my mum even if shes in the right or wrong, caus when it comes down it shes the only 1 that is really there for me and always has time to listen to my pain.

"no1's dere wen ur grindin, dey only show up wen ur shinin, i jus wanna live to keep ma mum smilein"

2Pac Lives ForEVER !! | Reviewer: sacdiyo | 1/4/12

Just Love Pac More than anything he's just amazingg Best Rapper EVER !! He was , I just have one wish that he came back , He stood up for women like no one else after all rappers call all women hoes I'm proud of him <3 RIP BigBroPac

2pac forever | Reviewer: Chen Tshering | 11/27/11

whenever I better off to be solitude...2pac is the only the person that knows the pain that I am going through coz listening to his songs remind me not to be a loser. u see he was right i will reborn in u....and he did..yo...I love u so much....

best before and best ever | Reviewer: sam | 10/20/11

sammy ksu pac has always been de best among his equals.he remains d best among both friends and foes.his lyrics are more precious dan pleasures 2 keep me strong nd going despite al odds.u remain d best in time past nd in time yet 2 come. R.i.p pac.d priceles nd matchles hero.

My hero & godfather | Reviewer: Kemi pac | 10/15/11

I'm a young pac fance since birth 4rm south south, pac 2 be sincere was a pure rapper & i survive by some of his words, his lyrics of so many of his tracks has added more 2 my life,i luv u king of rap,u'll always remain in my hrt,rest in peace brother.PAC PEACE.

Makavely I miss you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/16/11

2pac was realy somebody who undestood life as something good at the sametime bad just like a spining ball. Though I knew 2pac better when I was 18yr, I discovered that we had a loss that will never be replaced. Very unique compared to rappers of nowadays. May the G's life R.S.I.P

luv him | Reviewer: Lakeijonay | 10/1/11

2Pac is amazing he inspires me to do more with my life and lets me kno tht i'm not alone in the world and even tho things are really hard they gunna get better i feel tht he was the best he taught me how to do....the impossible to go above others expectations.No matter how bad u've got it theres always gunna be somebody whos got it worsts than you.So u gotta be grateful 4 what u've got while u've got cuz it could just...Disapear. My Grandma got a pic with him and i wish tht was me in tht pic cuz i rlly wish i could have met him.I'm only 12 but those words he rapped just lift my soul and inspires me. R.I.P 2Pac

keep yo head up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/20/11

Aiyo, I am from South africa, this brother is talently amazing,the best rapper of our time,the best that ever lived,one of the choosen dont find them anywhere.
whish Pac was here and we really miss him

2pac tha hero of all time | Reviewer: TopC | 8/25/11

2pac spent ol his life in America,misery n struggle made him n his homies to keep there head up cuz one need to listen up n remain strong so dat police wl nt beat down niggaz n to hitdown racist ,fo dis pac is d best rapper of ol,I really mis u R.I.P Ama TopC 4rm katsina state Nigeria. Thanks pac fans.

Hero in ma heart | Reviewer: Atiana Maliah Walker | 8/15/11

Tupac is one of the greatest rappers and hip hop artists in the world. Better yet he was more than just that, he was a black angel, sent from heaven above, kinda like Will Smith's song Afro angel. Tupac always sent out a positive message and I know that because he said that he feels what he is doin is right so he feels like he's going to heaven. No matter who you are everyone has heard his name, you might know who he was but ya know da name and thats enough. Tupac was a black angel inspiring everyone not just young black children but whole races of people and I don't really care what anybody says about him, he really opened ma eyes and that's why I love him.

I know you Resting In Peace

You deserve it

Ma shining star

2pac | Reviewer: Victoria | 8/9/11

yoo this was rap was about. Back then they were so look at this sulja boy crap. Yeah money was needed, but it wasant all about the money, girls and clothes. Is was away to make your day better and true art & skill, and 2pac was the master man. The good ones die young. RIP 2pac your missed and your words help & heal everybody even today.

Ya all need to Keep ya Heads Up | Reviewer: Felix Okonkwo Ballack | 7/29/11

Well Life Spent On Earth(Makavelli Tha Don) Wanna Let ya Know This Where Ever You are, I Wish You ReInncarnate..... But Still I Remember Your Word When You Had Got Some Breath In Ya Chest..... Ya Said your Biggest Fear Of Departin Was To Come Back Reinncarnated... It's Wrong cause The Whole World Wants Same You Back...... Makavelli.... So Stand From The F*ckin Ground and Keep Ya Good Head Up.... CHIBYK

I'll alwayz lv u Pac | Reviewer: Paul lwendo | 7/10/11

Im frm Tanzania milions miles from USA bt ua music got me filin as some one livin next door door who i speak with everyday.. Ua not dead n u'll alwayz live in my heart n my plans eternaly.. R.I.P brother!