tupac is the best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/21/10

damn.Tupac is the greatest rapper!.even though he aint with us no more it doesnt matter,he might have died wen i was just 2 years old but growing up and listening to his doe lyrics i fell in love with him, his musik inspires me more and more evrytime and all the things ive read about him just amaze me. i am a big musik fan but no musik now is ever gonna replace the fine words of tupac amura shakur and that is bcus he was real!.

R.I.P thug angel
you are loved

irreplaceble | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/10

am tired of this newskool rappers. i wish u were alive, i think todays music wud make sense. a rapper comes out with an album full babes, stuntin/sex/flossin/ so what do we benefit from knowing how u roll? pac i personaly benefit frm ua songs.it is evident that u loved truth. i know that u didnt diss biggy u told him the truth

tupac amaru sharku the worrow | Reviewer: Kamal | 11/22/09

i really love and like tupac his lyrics and his movement cos i think his atoin and work was part of his been a man and the leader for us Young blacks his everything his true and his a real thing that we will never have not even in rap music .. his true keep it up and like he said if the his a getto he will be there and i wish we could meet once again my real homie and thug much love and thanks to Afina she raise a getto king ,

tupac rapper of the century | Reviewer: money | 11/15/09

tupac was the legend of rap now u got 50 cent with every song there is girls on his lap pac was not like dat. his songs were devoted to black women when they never believed in themselves now all blakc woman are inspired by him thanks pac.
u really made rap da best no one can replace u.

2pac is a mf g | Reviewer: this dude | 10/30/09

this dude know what he was doin he was dah best of any rapper on planet earth jah damn i think this mon should still be spittin lyrics cause shit he was the best rapper alive way better then any other will ever be

True shit he ever wrote... | Reviewer: OHSAMA | 10/27/09

I agree with that dude that said biggie was one of the msot lyrically dope dudes...
Biggie knew how to put rhymes 2gether and make you party.
Pac knew how to reach out to the people, bring you up when ur feeling down...After every dark night comes a brighter day.

I didnt know him personally...but I can still say I miss him.

Pac is my Jamaican Vybz Kartel. THE greatest | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/29/09

I luv Biggie music but Pac's music is the real shit. His music is so inspirational especially this song. Its like my dang anthem.Biggie rapped mostly about sex cars n money n who he was n wat he had.I'm sorry but I appreciate Pac's music more. I love him n I haven't even met him. He is THE greatest rapper of all times.

i Love Tupac :) | Reviewer: Jazmine Perez | 8/27/09

Rip Pac;;
i love you so muchh,
yrr my inseperation.
i wish i was able to meet you.
i listen to yrr songs every day,
Yrrr amazing.
& one of a kind.
Nooone will replace you :)
This song i s my favorite!

baby love | Reviewer: jenna | 8/11/09

im 16 and have a baby on the way and the dad bailed out on me so instead of rockabye baby and mockingbird i sing this song to my future life and even though all my ppl give me hell for singin this song i love it

Pac, | Reviewer: Trevor | 8/8/09

Tupac Amaru Shakur, People see him as a criminal. Theyy aparently never heard his songs. rappers nowadays is all about money, sex, drugs and violence Pac's music isnt like that. BAck when him and biggie were rappin it wasnt nothin like this shit today. They were rappin the real shit.
Miss You Pac.
You'll Always Be Wit Us.
I Love You Dude.

wake up or else you will never understand your soceity | Reviewer: rewaj sharma | 8/6/09

2pac.. i feel you..i really do..your song helps me a lot when im felling depressed..he has a song for every event of life.when ur sad..and when ur happy and in state of melancholy..i wish i could meet him in real.fuck who shot him..let me know pac who shot u i promise you ill fuck his life till death.i miss you.if he would have been alive terrorism may have controlled to some extent.he is a prophet....he was man before his time...he was a genius...hopw his rythm will be lectured someday in our upcoming generation through my children..rest in peace..i love you tupac

No one ever & never like u pac | Reviewer: Adamu usman | 7/20/09

Nothing but the scriptures is above your lyrics. I call ur lyrics the "getto gospel" Yes, call him the prophet cos he predicts whats going to happen. Not only our generation, but the world also will not have someone like tupac. Even the olds persive the God give talent in ur lyrics. We always go by your words and hope to see u reserrect, we believe u are shot because you ask us (the blacks) to keep ur head up. Come and continue spraying the gospel. We love u forever.

The bEst Rapper | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/09

Tupac number 1

He is rapping Real Shit..
when he was 'dead' rap was dead..
i dont have worths For him , He is just the best rly..
I am a Muslim and i love tupac .. but there is no thugs mansion or heaven for a G ..

Tupacs 1 of hes best friend Napoleon is muslim to Now .. peace..

INSIGHT | Reviewer: B Ron | 6/2/09

this man was a God given gift to the world for a period of time thats what this life is about being that influence in some way to someone other then yourself if we lived our lives thinking of others first we wouldnt have to worry bout taken care of ourselves so take what we can from great ppl like this then apply the positives to our everyday lives
"keep ya head up AMERICA"!

2pac | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/22/09

I absolutely adore this song and listen to it on a daily basis. My boyfreind
lectures me about a man who allegedly respected woman but was found guilty and sentenced on a rape charge.I have read reports on the rape and i don't know what to believe. I love the message he puts over in his lyrics..........no matter what he was still a talented, intelligent individual and i will continue to listen to his music.