Reviews for Keep Ya Head Up Lyrics

Performed by 2Pac

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Suckers gotta feel the realist | Reviewer: Mceen | 2/21/08

Ya head off the road. Don´t pick money up. Pac I´m in ur shoes. These emotions rise up when playin da song. You got the world. Still hit the charts till the end of time. They hate but they feel the heat you generated. Ain´t no crown for the will of the enemies. U spiritually raised me up. My head is always on focus cause of ur beings. Gave ya my heart as ur shelter. Pac dyin´ to trace ur touch

The Greatest | Reviewer: msh | 1/23/08

One of the greatest songs ever performed by one of the greatest artist of all times. To all my sisters: Keep Ya Head Up because change will come!!!

this man is a legend | Reviewer: velc 'jey' tray | 12/6/07

luv the track to bits he said sumthin that never artist has ever said and it teachers a lot bout things goin round r.l.p pac u will b missed 4 ever.

keep your head up | Reviewer: veebeezie | 11/23/07

Tupac words are strong and true. These are what I call music. Now a days music is good to dance and gig to( yah know them hyphy hits) but they don't got soul, passion and meaning. If tupac was alive today it sure would make the world a different place to live in.

eryjyiydhrtu f ger t4564 wrt w | Reviewer: ey | 11/14/07

this is a really good song. it talks about life and its hardships. The chorus is Ooh Child by The Five Stairsteps

tupac lover forever | Reviewer: paulina | 9/27/07

i have alwayz loved my tupac and i will keep his legend going but this song really helps people understand the way of life

About the song "Keep Ya Head Up" | Reviewer: Julia | 9/12/07

The song "Keep Ya Head Up" is a true inspiration. It helps you deal with life itself. I will have to admit I really didn't listen to it at first, but when I did I got to understand what it was saying abd the lesson that it was giving. I must say it has kinda helped me. Tupac is an amazing artist and I love him and I hope his music continues to inspire myself and others throughout life.

whos the chorus singer? | Reviewer: snatch | 8/20/07

This song is the best, but who knows what the name of the chorus singer is? Ohhh child things are gonna get easier.. It doesnt say who sings that part

2pac | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/07

Man This song is crazy
how can somone think like this
u really gotta listen to this in the dark
Kepp your head up . rip tupac

Memory of pac | Reviewer: Sam | 6/30/07

this song is a classic and i love it this man changed my life and he is gr8ly missed.

the prophet | Reviewer: lucky costa | 5/21/07

this is a song of survival, hopeness, happyness, struggling with this life we are givin.i love it and mic 2pac

Gettin Me Through | Reviewer: sasha | 5/15/07

i love dis really helps me wit life. i miss tupac a lot but dis song will always be wit me

The man is the greatest MC! | Reviewer: kingpete | 5/14/07

This man knows how to reach everybody from everywhere he changed my life forever with his lyrics!!!
and thats why he's the GREATEST!!!

i got a question?? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/07

i think this song is the best...but how come if dudes supposedly love 2pac y they dont take his advise???

What can i say! | Reviewer: Brya | 3/30/07

This one is defintely a classic!!
The lyrics , the flow, his voice...

This man is a LEGEND!!!!
One luv from Amsterdam!

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