cant really say more than .. | Reviewer: j.e.h | 6/10/11

the G.O.A.T been listening to this man since 5th grade and thats been quiet a while saying im 23 now i still remember the first cd of his i got not an artist out there as influencing as this man - he talks about the real shit, remember for the people who listen to PAC dont just beat your head (listen to what this man says, the illuminati - if you dont know listen to pac he tells more than you even realize more than any other artist i love this man i wish i had a chance to tell him "hes my inspiration" i know what i want in my life cause you PAC! life goes on with or without you here and your music flourishes and ill make sure people know and peep your music for what you wanted people to hear the "SECRETS" inbeded inside of your music about the goverment and the truth, we are 1 pac doesnt matter what skin color we are 50 niggaz over the gun .. im right there with you RIP pac your truely missed


The Tupac Shakur | Reviewer: M. Blac | 6/8/11

Tupac was, I mean is created of all time as long as the world still existing, the new born child`s raising, Tupac is always`s on my chest cos i live and survive by words. R.I.P Bros Pac
My Life Goes on.

Just amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/11

I may have been born 2 months after he died but the moment I began to listen to Tupac, more than his music his lyrics inspired me to never give up life and deal with bad shit that life throws at you. Honestly rappers today are nothing and never will be anything compared to Tupac and further more more people should start to hear Tupac. R.I.P Tupac you were the best thing that happened to this world.

Tupac remains the best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/11

Thumb up for Tupac!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love all records by tupac. I recommend "keep ya head up" for every one to listen makes a lot of sense...ught? Even though dead,He remains the best when it comes to good lyrics in rap music.
I'm a rapster.He's one of my sources of inspiration.
I shed so many tears whenever I listen to most of His lyrics.
He lives in my mind till eternity...I love You Bro.
.....Rest In Peace
ELMUMEEN from Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria.
"peace ya'll"
I'm out

is all bout keep yo head up! | Reviewer: bob | 5/16/11

2pac came form the greater speakers, people like martin Luther king and Malcolm.x, his songs are great, is all bout keep yo head up!you know what am pac till the end of time.R.I.P my nigga pac.........

Honourable!PAc#1 17/03/11 | Reviewer: Fortune | 3/17/11

Uh!i can say genius no one comparible to him.i know what he was going through.he speaks about reality.i think he had a good heart.he is feeling sorrow for those their fathers left them on they own.lyrics,to all the woman having babies on their own.i know it's kinda rough and u feelin all alone,daddy's long gone and he left u by ya alone.very sad.!RESPECT HIM FOR BEING HEARTNESS.

Keeping my head up. | Reviewer: Josy Stoudemire | 3/8/11

I was born in 1996 the year Pac died and I still got to listen to his music Pac is way better than the rappers of today because his lyrics actually have meaning. This song is powerful and it's truthful and I love this song. I'm from New York so I know all about pain and what not and this was one of the many songs that kept me motivated to keep going. Especially after my house was destroyed in 9/11, to everybody Keep ya head up!!!!

Hero in my heart | Reviewer: Maliah | 3/8/11

Some people may find it weird that I'm only 13 and ma hero's Tupac. He's been gone for a long time and I wasn't even around when he was but his music still gets played on MTV and the radio. Ya see keep ya head up is more than just a few lyrics. Its a message. When I listen to it I can feel his pain and I know he can feel ours thats why I love him and even though he aint here right now I know somewhere he's listening so thats why no matter what I'm gonna do one thing he asked me to do...

Keep my head up

I love you Tupac and I know you
resting in peace...

you deserve it.

Tupac is right! | Reviewer: Agent Adiem | 2/22/11

Just now I copied the lyric of this song in my book, what I know from this song is all the words said from Tupac was right. Tupac didn't made this song for nothing. Tupac is not just a rapper, Tupac is the legend.. I love you Tupac.. R.I.P..

thanks 2pac | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/18/11

i love u 2pac..ill keep my head up..ut please don't cry, dry your eyes, never let up
Forgive but don't forget, girl keep your head up
And when he tells you you ain't nuttin don't believe him
And if he can't learn to love you you should leave him
Cause sista you don't need him

What can I Say..... | Reviewer: Caitlin | 2/13/11

When I first heard this song it hit me hard for some reason and then when I had my little girl a few years later it finally hit me when I was standing there by myself 3 1/2 months pregnant alone....that he was also talking to me. We LOVE & MISS YOU TUPAC. I wish this genereation could have also grown up with you as I did. :*

(: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/11

for real though Tupac was real. he wasnt a commercial rapper like every one else is these days! tupac is the only one that i know of that talks about real shit. Everything thats happening everyday too most of everybody who got delt a bad life. From haven ta' put up with bein young and tryna fit in, ta' bein strong because you dont have much cause either you cant offord it or you just cant have it, like a father. He wasnt about the fame. He sends very good messages in his shit. esecially this one. This song i listen to it every day. i know it by heart, if you really listen to it youll learn something,and what i like about it, is it makes you think. that not ta' be cruel to people such as women. Cause bein a lady myself, i really apprietate it.

My love for tupac | Reviewer: Edison | 1/18/11

Its realy painful to me that tupac aint here to see all he contributed to the world.
i listen to tupac for past 16yrs, but to me is like he's still alive, his words ar life to me and i keep my head up in any given circumstances. I missd pac and he'll always remain in my heart!

This star always shines on | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/10

Tupac is a lyrical genius he creates this incredible musical vibe. I haven't exactly had a bad life but the first time I heard this song it was just so true and i had never heard anythin like it I love and resect tupac so much. RIP star.

alive. | Reviewer: PACs #1 | 11/9/10

There is not a single doubt in my mind that Tupac Shakur is alive.
I know hes alive.
there is too much evidence to say hes dead.
He is alive and i dont care what none of yall say.
he is alive.
so you research.
they autopsy photo is fake.
if u watch the California Love video its the same EXACT picture of him layin in the bed with a woman at the end of the video.
and his Makaveli tattoo is not on his neck.
which lets you know that photo is FAKE and PHOTOSHOPPED.
he will be back one day dont worry.
and he guna put lil gay rappers like weexy and gucci and waka in they place cuz thats not real rap thats stupid shit.
just wait he'll be back.
i promise.

-Pacs my IDOL.

hes alive.