Pac | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/22/09

2Pac is arguably the greatest lyracist ever but some if you people are just raving about pac like he is the only one( not to take anything away from him) but Mo Jeng...there us no way u can put Biggie with 50 and J. Biggie was one of the most lyrically dope niggas ever all you need to be listening to Bone Thugs N Harmony now that all 5 are back together and Krayzie Bone is spitting some if his dopest shit ever

Number 1 | Reviewer: Mo Jeng | 4/8/09

The Franklin D Roosevelt of hip hop, The Bob Marley of hip hop...I cant believe people even put him on the same plateau as all these other mcs. Wake Up!! Pac represented hip hop for what it truely was: a revolution!..speaking for the masses from the soul & heart and trying to make a difference. Biggie, Jigga, Fifty..these guys are actors, they should be in hollywood. The game died with Pac!!!

Tupac Forever <3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/09

Seriously everyone hears the word "Tupac" and thinks of drugs, voilence, shotguns. Thats so bullshit. I hear the name Tupac and all i can think of is a beautiful angel. He's so beautiful and every word he writes is beautiful. I don't see 50 cent or any other rapper writing songs like he did, he will always be my number one and i totally respect all messages hes given out there. All the haters can keep on hating because they dont know what they are missing out on. I love you Tupac Shakur forever and i wish i get to see you in heaven or in real life, since nobody knows if your alive or dead. I personally believe your alive, i would love to meet you and talk with you it will be a dream come true. I LOVE YOU TUPAC! Your my man forever nobody can replace you <3

keep yo head up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/09

dang this is my song its great some peole judge tupac wrongly but i dont care hes great!!!!!!!!!!!!and hes very right the blacker the barry the sweeter the juice tha darker the flesh the deeper tha roots

amaziing | Reviewer: deeeeeeeeee. | 1/23/09

ii thiink thiis song iis amaziing the lyriics and everythiing are great and people can really relate and its true guys can be assholes and they really should start treatiin us women better cuz there makiing this world change the way people treat women seems to be gettiing worse and worse. 2pac was the man and he is missed dearly and hopefully more people liisten to thiis song and hopefully change and realiize the msg 2pac was sendiing out.

R.I.P 2pac =[

The real stuff | Reviewer: DJ RKM | 12/10/08

To see hip hop and interpret it, you gotta know how. Lots of people think hip hop, drugs, violence, crime, hoes. WHAT THE F------, do you know what was in the guy/girls head when he shot the guy, do you know why hes doing drugs. Do you know who the person is. Then someone said all rap does is bring down white people and bring up blacks......WHAT!!!!!!!!!! did you just say that this music brings down white people cuz its made by black people. Well think about it, dont you guys deserve it, you killed hte black people, kept them as slaves and so much more, they forgive you but they dont forget. They do this and keep their head up, its the REAL shiz. This is the best stuff ever........
keep ya head up
alwayz and 4ever

Amazing True Advice | Reviewer: Katelyn | 12/6/08

But please don't cry, dry your eyes, never let up
Forgive but don't forget, girl keep your head up
And when he tells you you ain't nuttin don't believe him
And if he can't learn to love you you should leave him
Cause sista you don't need him

This really helped me when me and my boyfriend broke up, he was always saying things to make me feel like shit. We dated for over 2 years, and he was my first for everything. I loved him, but when he decided to be a dick, and try to ruin my self esteem, my friend showed me this song. I really love her, because this is exactly the advice I needed.

R.I.P 2Pac
[forever changed;
never forgotten]

R.I.P TUPAC N LOVE THIS SONG BEST SONG EVA | Reviewer: sweet thang | 11/25/08

this is one of the best songs wrote ever i can relate to this so much my man got up n left me wen i had my baby girl n wen i listen to this it helps me get thru the tough times tupac was a legend always will be loved his music 4 years R.I.P homie keep doin ur thang up in ghetto heaven !! xxx

AMAZIN!! | Reviewer: 2PAC LOVER | 11/25/08

OMG I LOVE DIS SONG ITS AMAZIN wat e raps about its true life things that go on in da ghetto n his lyrics will change and wuda changed alot of peoples lives es a legend and always will b is name will live on 4eva 2pac baby u will neva b 4gotton R.I.P BABY keep doin ur thang up in ghetto heaven !!!!

deep song | Reviewer: meradon | 11/15/08

I satrted lesten'in to hip-hop when I was 15 with eminem & 50 cent and they do have an idea to delever and every thing, but 2pac's music touch you deeper than any recent music ever made maybe cuz 2pac was devoted to his music in every acpect of life and he proof it when he died for what he beleives in witch makes a hero otta him and this song shows you how open-minded,understanding and sympathetic a thug can be. tupac the great, I bow my head before you paying you the respect that you deserve because your music,actions,thouts are realy the mind that will change the world just like you promiesd R.I.P homie see you in the ghetto of the heaven

A mEsssage of truth | Reviewer: Princ3 DDay | 10/13/08

I love dis song by my favorite rapper of all time pac...I beleive thru dis song he sends a significant message that can relate 2 many..even tho pac ur not with us ur legacy will still remain thru these wonderful messages u leave behind thru ur songs......R.I.P.......

Tupac's Spirit and Legend | Reviewer: Quin | 9/20/08

This song reminds me of my mom. I did her wrong even though she raised me right. That is why I need to become a better person. I love this song! Tupac might be dead, but his spirit lives on. GOOD LUCK TUPAC, WE'LL MISS YOU!

Keep Ya Head Up | Reviewer: Quin | 9/20/08

I think this is the best song ever. I respect Tupac because he actually sending us a message to treat a woman right. This song inspired me. I love this song. It remings me of my mom. I did her wrong that is why I love this song. To do right. Tupac is still going strong. He might be dead, but his spirit lives on. Good luck Tupac!

AMOUR | Reviewer: sweetsz | 8/20/08

this song got me throught myy super hard days just to know that im not crazy or stupid for loving myself and to know that im not an idiot for not letting a 19 yr old man tell me what to do with his baby at 14.
men cant make themm its true.

tupac is amazing.
See u at thugg mansion budd..


Wow. | Reviewer: Michael | 7/9/08

That's all I can really say to be honest, wow. I was like, what 3? when 2pac got shot and got killed so I wouldn't remember much, but I got into hip hop when i was like 7, starting with Eminem that kinda stuff. But when I started listening to 2Pac it was all changes, that stuff, which is good but it's after he died, so mosta it is just remixed, but if ANYTHING this is my favourite song, it's amazing. It deals with REAL LIFE situations, which not many rappers can do nowadays, don't get me wrong, I love hip hop more then anything but this song, if I listen to it I just drift in and out, thinking deeper and deeper about life. I sit and think What if 2Pac DIDN'T die? hip hop would be so much different. But his music has changed my life, I inspire this guy, TRUE HERO.
R.I.P 2Pac from London
and R.I.P Biggie, Jam Master Jay, Eazy E and Proof of D12