Its time for some gospel | Reviewer: veronica | 12/16/05

This goes to prove to all sceptics of rap music that it CAN be meaningful and deep and everyone IS one " it aint about black or white cuz were human" I also hope we see the light before its ruined.

man oh man | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/05

well wat a bute i love this song it tells u about life and to live life to the fullest well done

2pac broke the mould man!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/3/05

2pac, even from beyond the grave (if he REALLY is dead...)you've managed to make probly the SIKEST tune mayb this year! luv the video. 2pac+elton john+sik tune and beats+ boss lyrics= WHOO! GHETTO GOSPEL

Ghetto gospel | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/3/05

dis is 2pacs best song n i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ne1 shuld really like dis song

wow!?! | Reviewer: cara sutcliffe | 6/17/05

when i first heard this song i didn't know who it was n then i found out it was 2pac i fink it is one of his best songs n it will sell loadsx x x x

laughin tune | Reviewer: kayla | 6/17/05

this tune iz proper laughin an itz da best song dat as bin out 4 ages da video iz boss aswell!!!
cant wait 4 ya 2 cum bk out in 2007 we know your alive!!!!

ghetto gospel | Reviewer: rusty | 4/16/05

well 2pac uv done it again
ghetto gospel is a song that shows wot life is really like in his part of town a kid gets killd 4 no apparent reason that we know of how rong is that.that is wot gangs do to people get them killd or put in hospital or fuckd up beyond all reconition(fubar)

My Ghetto Gospel | Reviewer: Tasy | 3/17/05

heyy, i think Ghetto Gospel is 1 sickk tune. n tha lyrics r GREAT!!!