to live or Die in L.A | Reviewer: Bones | 9/5/07

Whatz up Y'all!

I think that this album is tha bomb, I wouldn't say the best as I love all of Pac's Album. However as a Jamaican I Love To Live or Die in L.A from this album, as it is one of the songs that I can identify with.

I'll Mourn Ya til I join Ya


just like daddy | Reviewer: Laurence | 7/16/04

Hi everybody!

I think that this album is the best (and the last) tupac recorded when he was alive.

It is really different than the others (all eyez on me, me against the world).

My favourite song is just like daddy.

Really it is the best song he ever did!she is so bouncy and melancholic at the same time!

the lyrics are touching.

I love all his albums but this is my favourite and just like daddy definitely one of his best songs.

Laurence Love