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Performed by 2Pac

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Dear mama | Reviewer: McELEVATOR mama you make me understand | 8/1/12

woozala my homie when ever i listen to your music i cn believe that gheto life can make my life and made to join thug life your music got a mesage in the whole world Amaru i am your fan from Namibia i realy lyk your music I can't believe it if you are gone if u are dead Amaru R.I.P I love too much Dear mum

2pac de legend | Reviewer: "MENTUM {GREG}". | 3/29/12

Dis song of 2pac shakur "dear mama" is d greatest lov song or appreciation 2 mother i'v ever listen 2, d song make me remember al d swt things my mother did 4 me when i was a little kid even till dis very day,niggaz i think mothers are d pple dat are nt suppose 2 b joked with. Tanks 2 2pac 4 dis wonderful lyrics. Rest in peace maan, come on

PAC IZ DE BST | Reviewer: LORATO LEBURU | 11/2/11


The king! | Reviewer: jonathan | 11/1/11

my love goes to afeni shakur for giving us tupac, tupac got more fans in nigeria than anywhere, 180million nigerians feels his music. How can somebody be so good at doing something?...they can kill him again & again but he lives on in our heads!...r.i.p to the 'voice of the poor & oppressed'

The legend | Reviewer: Khanyapa | 7/4/11

Whn u listng 2 dis guy music, if ever u r bored or thrz the problem in ya family, u proparly feel that this world is your own. I believe dat 2pac music is the soution of the problm or whn in trbl. May God of ours bles ya music, whr ever u r, we wil always recal ya wth ya music.R.I.P

Councelor of the world of HIP HOP. | Reviewer: KINGZO | 5/17/11

OH Pac, why didn't ya stay for long? It all happen so fast like i'm in a fast lane. The inspiration i've got listening to yr music is unpredictable. Mo of it could have made us, ya fans in 9ja. There is no ways i could pay you back but my plan is to tell you i appreciate your opinions and advise in lyrics. My DAD just passed away but i cried without comfort. He was ONE IN A MILL.

Pac lives on | Reviewer: Gordee freeman | 4/15/11

of a truth,2pac musik is like a therapy,you dont really need marijuana and alcohol to get high..just listen to Pac 's musik,.His lyric are spiritual, just like the Gospel message...for me Pac is alive...So, live on brov..GODson .A. Nigeria

R.I.P the real rapper | Reviewer: joe | 2/17/11

man thats just like me my dad left me and my mom and sister when i was 5 he beet me and broke my arm so two pac if ur listening i know how u felt im sorry u had to go throuh that. thanks for all of ur songs im 18 gunna be 19 in september and i still here my dads voice saying he hated me...

danqqq... this remind i misss ya mom yu died wen i was | Reviewer: joteria | 12/16/10

danqqqq i really love this song this song is so special to me cause my mom died when i was 8 nah i just dont know wttt to do bt all i kn do is show her i appreciate ha love yah mommmy but i am now 14 in i still knt live wt out her i cry everyday in every nite knt nobody understand

dear mama | Reviewer: haditheguide | 7/7/10

wat ap hommy pac, i kno ya stiil ap there in heaven kno thought about that for sure man cox i stell view you ap in the sky and i got nothin to losse in these life i live, hummy rest in peace cox am about to kick start the mesion you never ended one love to yaa hummy

always an icon | Reviewer: kizz | 6/23/10

No one ever lived a real ghetto lyf lyk Pac did.He brought e'rthing to reality, talked some real sense even in public and most of all hated racism with such a passion.You get to learn alot whenever you listen to his music.To me, no one will ever be compared to him...he's a real legend....much love from Kenya...R.i.P KIZZ

To my nigga pac | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/10

Dear mama was just like my mistakes...dear mama thought me how to appreciate..dear mama made me to understand that there is no love like mama's love to her child..dear mama made me to understand that there's no rap artiste like 2pac shakur.. R.I.P ma Nigga.

He's my greatest hero. | Reviewer: Christian Adams | 4/30/10

He jst one out of a million. i'm frm Nigeria when i hear of d news dat PAC is dead i did nt believe it. Hes always on my mind. 2PAC rest in peace. His songs is jst sometin else. Hes a KING in his own way. I pray 4 him everytime.

07-19-2009 | Reviewer: Jurnior kgaka aka italian milano | 7/19/09

yeziir! yo pac dis is ur hmeboy k.jr man ey i lyk ur music dude am always lstnin 2 it and i pick up sumthng wen im lestnin 2 it and al lyk 2 say r.i.p and fuck dat suge knite he is da 1 knws al abt ur death man anyway west side til i die niga churr!

Dear mama was a very Music | Reviewer: Agbo Joel | 5/23/09

Tupac is a big GEM and we his Nigerian FANS Loves him alot, though he is gone but his memories can never go out from our life. 2Pac I love you, and I will visit ur grave anytime I had the oppoutunity to visit US. I love U

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