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Performed by 2Pac

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Zibby | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/11/12

theirs wrong in the text its not
And then the on other one that ever showed me love

Its: And then the only other that ever showed me love
after only other i dont hear what he says but its not one

The thug that was such a... | Reviewer: Autistic andy | 11/5/09

Cradle to the grave -- such a good example of why tupac was such was and is and always will be until the end of time SUCH A FUCKING LEGAND NIGGA MAN CMON HIS FUCKIN CLASS NIGGA AIGHT FUCK DA left4dead2 boycotters bitch ass niggas can go and suck a big fat dick like aight yall! A ight biatch! No seriously man thug life lives 4eva in our hearts until the end of time! If a angel cums down and takes him away the memories of him and his songs will always stay! Pour out a little licka 4 ya homeboy nigga! Thug4life aight pac i see ya up there lukin down on us witta smile tellin us to keep our heads up thru yur music! You touch and inspire so many people on an insane level! This is my letta 2 u my big homeboy! I know your up there lukin out 4 me i know you want me 2do good and get hard and shit but the fact is that i just wanna kiss ya babe and i dont wanna miss a thang honey! Lay dan and brang that ass upon tha floo upon mah big dick and nuts yo! Oscar mayers hotdogs are nice in my mouth dawg real talk! Much love 2 my niggaz on welfare! I seeya if dont nobody else care! He was such a good nigga he cared so much about every1 and he just wanted 2do gud and then that fat tub of shite suge and reggie wright jr killed em -- bastards! 2pac will always live on thru hiz music -- he waz da best musiciam 2eva walk da earth -- real talk peace out! Muck luv! Im out and 2huevas readin dis no matter how bad of a place ur in or how bad or suicidal u feel! I care about ya babes! Im just a horny old man who wants my dick sucked by a fine ass bitch! As i was saying i do care about u people! And just remember to keep ya head up and neva give up! No1 likes quitaz! Get bak up and try again! Give life anoda go! U can do it! We Losers shud unite! Left4dead2 4eva! Cmon admit it u do play it! Its dam fun yo! Westside bitches! Relape 2 nigga dmx ruff ryders! Real talk and im gone! Im out of das bit bitches 1993 -- 2010 rip makaveli SEXUALY SPEAKING YO OH NO FO SHO HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS BOYZ N DA HØ0D1994

pac | Reviewer: r.i.p tupac | 11/14/07

i love all his muzic! i have all the albums & alota fucken t-shirts Tupac is da man & hes da bomb forever in our hearts pac♥

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