The Best Rap Album Eveeeeeer!!! | Reviewer: Wisani | 4/24/14

This is the type of album which be forever talked about 4 generations to come. I'mma tell my grandkids & great-grandkids about about it when I'm old and grey. The album is the best thing that has ever happened to the West Coast rap! -South Africa.

All Eyez On Me,The Best album inthe World | Reviewer: Shaquile Marvin(Marvin-G) | 4/28/13

All eyez on me is the 2nd best Album inthe World,The best Hip Hop album,no rapper can release a better album,this proved 2 everyone that 2pac was A Living Legend,Biggie Smalls never released a better album than All Eyez On Me,that's why the generation of today doesnt know B.I.G but they know 2pac,Shakur is an Icon,an american Legend.2pac Shakur is a Ghetto King,Rap Legend,he will be forever known coz Legends never Die

true playa | Reviewer: TK | 4/29/10

I think 2pac was a true playa than all the other rappers. The reason he was killed was because of jealousy together with the state members since he was telling the truth about life in America and being black in a white man's world, RIP to my nigga

aii albums | Reviewer: u zeeh d banj | 9/10/08

i will very gratefull to 2pac albums iwam uzeeh by name i also born in america under newyork city i also like th way 2pac sing so i want to know his all albums if you can help me with the a lbums so that i will be very gratefull qand i known that every one of us gade the death of nigger 2pac for that am very soorry for distobeing and also in that partmay god blessd him with his blessed and i kniow
n that it was by the grace of god i wii be gratefull for you people thans all