BREAKING NEWS | Reviewer: johnny | 5/20/09

I first heard this song on MUSIC CHOICE, to me this song makes you think to yourself about finding your life in the right place and blaming the devil for following your life to mess it up.12 STONES is a christian rock band for sure........ check out their lyrics THE WAY I FEEL, its a conversation to god......

Great | Reviewer: Ronnie | 10/2/07

Well, this song was the first i heard of them and when i heard, which was a couple weeks ago, i ws hooked, ever since then, i've been listening to all the songs of them as i could. this band imspires me to do more. !,,!(>_<)!,,! Rock-ON!

Not Disappointed | Reviewer: Tamara | 8/27/04

When I got word awhile back about my boys making another album i was the happiest woman in the world and when i recently came across thier latest song "Far Away" I nearly had a heartattack.... then I listened to it and all I can say is..... IT KICKED SOME SERIOUS BOOTY!!!!!!! I was not disappointed when i heard it it was exactly like i expected it to be just like the songs from their last album only three steps higher... Unfortunately im in canada so i won't be getting the c.d. anythine soon but i'll be checking the music stores often thats for sure... not to mention my boy Paul is definitely the sexiest man alive. So hats off to the group for meeting my expectations and going beyond.