Admitting to the Truth. | Reviewer: Belteshazzah | 1/30/12

I just came across this lyrics and my heart gave in, and reading the above comment, I knew that I need to listen to this song.
12 Stones has always been a blessing from God to me ever since I listened to "Lie to Me" and "The Way I Feel" I knew that these guys must have even more songs of encouragement to offer this WORLD of ours that is falling apart.
Just like the song said, we must all come to accept the TRUTH that there is a God out there...there has to be a God out there. If cults like the FREE MASON, ILLUMINATI, BONES N SKULLS etc are real, then GOD must also be real.
The TRUTH still remains that human efforts have a limit and we all need some supernatural backup to can cling to anything you see as your backup but as for me I choose GOD and he alone I will always call to my rescue whenever I feel BROKEN and ALONE.

just what i needed | Reviewer: bryan | 12/1/07

i was at a point in my life where i had nothing to believe in and no hope. i heard this song and it made me realize what i needed to do to find myself again. it gave me the inspiration to change my life