Great. | Reviewer: The Flautzinator | 4/24/10

These guys are really good. To me, they are one of the most unique bands in this modern age of rock. I see no MAJOR influence whatsoever from any other bands. I think the siger coincidently sounds like Maynarnd James Keenan, becuase he sounds way different when he gets loud.

oh yeah. | Reviewer: Hei | 3/3/07

they're just like Breaking Benjamin o__o usually I listen to deathmetal but these guys rocks :O

I Love 10 Years | Reviewer: Cortney | 4/7/06

Ten Years ROCKs!! i want to get their cd really bad!!!!!I don't have any money though..i think my mom's givin me 20 dollars this weekend though but i have to get her and my best friend a b-day present!!!what should i do? I want the cd REALLY BAD!!!I love Them.. I stayed up really early in the morning one day to watch them sing live on fuse for the third time(I saw it twice earlier that day was a repeat...for the third time...i still wanted to watch it again though)

Awesome... | Reviewer: Key Lime Pie | 10/22/05

This band is awesome. I don't care what you say.
Yes, he does sound a little like Maynard James in some of their songs, but at least you can safely say that Maynard is a definite influence.
And Maynard is good, right?