small town | Reviewer: bubba | 10/9/09

im from a small town in GA, cochran. my parents and i run a restaurant, small, but effective. we pride ourselves by knowin everyone that comes in, and if we dont. we want o get to know them. hospitality is key in the south, great song. i think it put the south in its rightful place. on TOP

hi ya | Reviewer: tori | 9/20/09

this first time i heard this song was wen i was 3 yrs old. sittin in the shop with my daddy and papaw and i was in the truck while they worked under the hood. i memorized it by the 3rd day. yall remember this haha i was only 3.

Proud to have lived it | Reviewer: mike h | 2/20/09

I grew up in South Alabama in the 70's and 80's. I remember following Hank, Waylon, Charlie Daniels, Marshal Tucker, and "The Possum" tearing it up at joints all around. They were wild and unpredictable. You can listen to country music, but it's better to live country music. I've been privileged.

P.S. Corporate America...Surrender NASCAR!

~American by birth. Country by the grace of God.

Native Girl Can Survive | Reviewer: arita | 1/31/08

I live in the country...kinda uh a big ol country gal...but i'm at school...and i really don't look like the country gal...but i jam this song in my mp3 player all day long...just takes me home and reminds me of my sisters and i...i mean honestly...i moved to a city that isn't that populated...but i'd still rather be know...i'll go back...sooner or later...ohyeah plus i'm native and a when i jam out...lyrics change up a bit in my head to suit me...toksa(later)

good song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/07

this song is about me, my town and people, i live in the backwoods of west virginia, rednecks of the rednecks. he even mentions us in the song. and yea we are coal miners

country boys | Reviewer: Taylor | 9/20/07

man i love this song.. i was born in tuscola texas. it makes me wanna go out to the woods and kick back a beer and listen to this song.. we texas folk know what it is to be country... not degradin anyone else...

... | Reviewer: ThistLe | 7/30/07

Just wanna say something on this reviews..i'm not a country boy, also i'm not even an american.. in my city, i'm livin' with seventeen million people about 20000 km away from USA..but in my childhood i watched so much movie about country the movies i saw the small towns, where everyone knows eachothers, the people live with their traditions, with their nature..especially i remember the hot-roads and the 4 wheel cars as the song say..also in my country we re faithful about our just go on ur way..u sould keep the way u livin' and what u i like that...also that kind o' music..yes i like it..

powerfull lyrics | Reviewer: johnny G | 5/7/07

I remember sitting in my dads truck when I was 12 or so listening to this song on tape, and thinking "thats bad ass". There is something powerfull about the mood this song invokes. It makes me want to leave the city and move to the sticks <not very realistic. It inspires me as an American in some strange way. When he says "Id like to spit some beachnut in that doods eye" Its inspirational like Josey Wales squaring off against the bad guys. Great song envokes emotion
((((sorry if too wordy))))

This song is really great!!! | Reviewer: Niccole | 4/15/07

I am a city girl but i love country boys!

Great Song | Reviewer: Pearl Otis | 4/11/07

I really like this song. It appeals to me on an inner gut level, even though I am a woman and it is talking about men. I think it talks to and about a whole class of people in America, country folks. I can relate to it. We have to survive in this country, even though it has grown sophisticated, and we have to survive the way we know how, the way country folks always have. I like the song.