couldnt describe now any better | Reviewer: Brittney | 7/15/09

so yea ok my bf for over a year is in europe right now and me? im in texas lol. well yea this song got me through alot of hard times. he left for a mission trip so it makes since that he cant leave till people start singing. our relationship will be even stronger when he can come home. this is an amazing song!

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymus | 6/19/09

I'm sure everyone thats ever been in love and lost it can truely appreciate the amazing lyrics to this song. This song always reminds me of my friend and it reminds her of me and we always listen to it and sing it together. The End by bfmv is another amazing, deep song. Keep rockin 4eva ADTR pwns face.

aww | Reviewer: Navi | 5/8/09

this is like the cutest song ever, it keeps playing in my head.
whenever it plays i always think of my boyfriend and how much i love him, its such an amazing deep song.

great job adtr! love you guys keep rocking

love it! | Reviewer: Stephanie | 5/6/09

my best friend and i are wicked close. we each know our life story and love the same bands. this is one of our favorite songs of all time but each time it gets to us. i understand it and end up crying...and so does he. this is one of the few songs that i've ever seen him cry to, it was SO adorable!!

<3 | Reviewer: vanessa | 4/12/09

this song is so amazing this is mines and my boyfriends favorite adtr song. it was cute one day we were kissing and in between kisses we were singing these lyrics :) this song means alot to us. cause we are long distance.

amazing song | Reviewer: Halee | 4/1/09

This song is incredible. My boyfriend and I were going through a big fight and he told me to look up this song. I almost started crying when I read the lyrics. This song means so much. I always think of him when I listen to it. "If you can wait til i get home, then I swear we can make this last." "Is this really happening? I swear I'll never be happy again and don't you dare say we can just be friends" I listen to this song all the time, i think it's one of the sweetest songs I've heard in a while. Yall are amazing!

love it <3 | Reviewer: mandy | 3/24/09

i almost cryed when i read these lyrics they are mor then just words online they mean so much " dont you dare say we can just be friends" every guy says that when they break your heart , i love these words they have insiperd me

"I just feel complete when you're by my side."<33 | Reviewer: BtyCkes.<3 | 3/15/09

I simply LOVE the lyrics to this song! Especially the chick's lines. "If it means a lot to you" reminds me of my adorable boyfriend... i really want to sing this song with him!! He has the skills to play it on the acoustic too.
One day for sure. ;)

wow! | Reviewer: GGGlynn | 2/16/09

I was amazed with this song, its a incredibly good finish to a amazing album.. its very deep especially at the end in my opinion "Is this really happening?
I swear I'll never be happy again,
And don't you dare say we can just be friends,
'Cause I'm not some boy you can sway
We knew it'd happen eventually.
Laa, la la la, la la la," That line i think is very dramatic and is a great lead up to the end. and the lyrics speak alot for virtually everyone thats been inlove and lost it.. ADTR Your AMAZING <3