omg. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/24/08

This song relates so much to me. reminds me of me and my ex boyfriend, we dated for 3 years basically. and he was my world. and then i just got to scared of getting to close.. so i let him go, knowing i shouldn't have. and now hes INLOVE all over again..

a good song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/07

this song reminds me of a girlfriend i used to date. like P we fell in love the first day, and then after 6 months she had to leave me. I know a happy ending is around the corner somewhere just waiting till it happens.

i also saw RF in concert in WV. and they are awesome.

loving it | Reviewer: Amy | 7/10/07

This reminds me of Joe Don in Rascal Flatts!! Every time I hear this song I think of him and what it would be like if we kissed!!! I want to know how I would feel!!!

past and present | Reviewer: P | 6/14/07

This reminds me quite a bit of the times I've had with my current girlfriend. When I met her we fell in love on the first day, and a year later I had to leave her. I was born that first day, and I died inside that night I told her I was going to leave. Hearing her cry every night laying next to me until the day came for me to leave. My story ends with a happy ending, she lives with me now and we've made it through the toughest times of our lives together. I'm born again.

this song | Reviewer: WHIT | 5/31/07

i absolutely fell in love with this song the moment i heard it!!!i love rascal flatts!!!

wonderful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/07

A fantastic song, I really like it!!
RF has a wonderful voice, I just love it when he sings and this song is great , really great, just like all the others

Absolutly loving | Reviewer: Jessica | 3/19/07

The more i listen to this song the more i think about one of my exboyfriends. When i hear this song i just think about all of the bad time that occured while going out with him.

Very touching | Reviewer: Ken | 4/17/06

I listened to this song and gosh I can relate to ever word. A must listen to for those that have been there.

the best song i ever heard | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/05

this is the best song ever i love singing and this is my favorite song to sing it is the best i love all of rascal flatts songs but personally this is the best ever it just sets the mood lol
all of my friends listen to this song but i think i love it the most it is just the best song i have ever heard i love country!!!!! it is awsome country just makes everything bad in my life dissapear i love it soo much it is soo peaceful
thank you for all the awsome songs
*~* *~*

AHHHH | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/05

i love this song so much and i love to sing it becuz singing is one of my favorite things ever
i love all rascal flatts songs he is the best i love him

while u loved me | Reviewer: sam | 2/19/05

OMG I LOVE THIS SONG!!! I saw RF in concert on Feb. 12th in Mankato and wow i just cried i loved the concert sooo much! you guys are the shit! and i love you soo much!!1