sum 41 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/10/07

omg i love this song and im a country girl who only listens to country music but now im hooked on this

lovess =] | Reviewer: nita | 8/1/07

this song is overall honestly my fave song by sum 41...even though i like faster songs usually the lyrics are amazing and carying heavy feelings in my heart!!!!

Great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/07

This song is awesome, i love every sum 41 song but this is one of their bests

not sure if its right but it sounds right | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/30/07

I hold on to this moment you know, 'cause I played my heart out to show..not leave

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/30/07

This is far one of the best songs Sum 41 has ever done. Even though i like the litte faster songs like March of the Dogs , The Hell song.
Is With me , absolutley one of there best , everyone should hear it

unbelievable | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/07

with me is by far one of the best songs i have ever heard. this song could help som e people through some tough times. everyone should hear it