Reviews for Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back) Lyrics

Performed by Eamon

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umm | Reviewer: Brittney | 5/21/07

This song is like freaking awesome! Imma country girl and this song is sooo much better than coutry music

well... | Reviewer: Melanie | 4/9/07

i actually find this a fun song to blast in the car...just turn it down when you go past your grandma's

hi | Reviewer: marion | 2/7/07

i never hear such a good song if u really want to get back on ur girl play this song for her -peace-

so simple/crude but many I know feel it........................ | Reviewer: Kirk paul | 1/29/07

First impression.. catchy tune and silly lyrics. BUT listen a few times to the words abd its so real.. and today. Loads of lads like the sentiment.. cos so many hve been there!!!

this song is 100 goods | Reviewer: BRad | 3/23/05

IM a hardcore metal listener... i listen to metallica thru to dimmu borgir and i hate rap and wat ever u call this r&b? anyway i was watching telly and this song came on and for some reason i didnt turn the tv off i kept watching , prob coz the chick in the video looks hot. but yer i was listening to the lyrics for once coz i hate all that electric drum shit and the lyrics were soo good and i fucking fell in love with the song.. my bands doing a cover on the song not that its gonna get anywhere but the lyrics are made for everyone its awsome and i looked into this guy a lil bit more he sounds like a fucking champ good on him laterz

bad song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/04

best song i herd 4 a long time keep them song coming eamon

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