Love You | Reviewer: Chloe Alexandra | 9/24/09

One of my best guy friends sent me this song over myspace. He doesn't like a certain ex of mine. My ex and I flirt everyday; and on top of that, he carries me down the hall to my locker. I hope he reads this. I'm really sorry for pissing him off.

Oh lawdy | Reviewer: Katie | 9/16/09

All the arguing is making my head hurt.
Many of you on here are saying you're dedicating this song to your ex because they're immature, then you turn around and start dogging them in the same breath and calling them "jackasses," "fags," "dumbasses" and "losers."
That seems just as immature, to me.

Moral of this entry:
Learn how to type properly and don't let your ass overload your mouth. You end up looking like a hypocrite. With very bad grammar, might I add.

Love is a strong word | Reviewer: Riana | 9/14/09

I don't even have the guts to break up with my boyfriend and i don't totally hate him I just don't like hime anymore..I guess you can say Love is a strong word but I really really don't hate you. :-] [Jeff <3 ]

JIBY IS SEXI | Reviewer: Katchinka | 8/17/09

Hey Jiby, your post sounds sexi bruh. just sayin i wanna meet u so i can tap dat. yo yo yo. omg cancer turns me on, and if u have an ear infection thats even more sexier. ok well bye jiby yohannan. i miss ya already. pce out dawg shawty get loose.


kaliegh or how ever you spell it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/09

your f-cking retarded. why do you thunk people write music and poems or any of that sh-t? (no offence to writers i am one too) which is one reason im offended. the point of our writing is to try to connect uo peoples lives. some of us help them out like this song for instance. or SP alot of they're songs can realate to peoples lives. well good job on humiliating your self on the internet. better luck next time assh-le.. :)

great song by the way

good song | Reviewer: Link | 6/29/09

I actually never liked the Plain White T's till I heard this song. I thought they were one of those dime-a-dozen so-called 'punk' boy bands (See: All-American Rejects). But they actually have some originality and I do love this song, and I can relate it to my ex.

what a hot bastard | Reviewer: Laura | 6/18/09

okay, well yeah, my ex dedicated this to me. and he didnt even have the balls to break up with me face to face he TEXTED i begged for him back, it mustve made him feel so good a girl begging for him not to finish it, well im slowly but surely getting over you. this hurt. but i'll live. fuck you adam. :(
i love you. (L)

:-| | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/29/09

This is kinda sad, my ex put this is his profile after we broke up, he is kinda sad. I love this song and think it is a great song, and wow people saying b-cause is so lame!! and so is putting it in your myspace page!

LOSERR | Reviewer: a girl | 4/10/09

well you see when me and my ex broke up...he put this as his myspace song which i think is immature cause hes a loser and jack ass and a fag...
brandon im talkin bout you
hahahah i hate you too ^^
dont worry

Hah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/09

This is my myspace song and I dedicate it to my ex because she's a stupid bitch that left me for the stupidest reasons. I hate her. No... I love her. :|
I hate her and love her.
Wow this is sad...
Whatever good song, I can totally relate to it!