awsome possem | Reviewer: Michelle | 6/12/07

this song is sooo strong i can tottaly relate to this song i got dumbed but i still loved them then i went back out and he dumbed me again and i just tottaly hated his guts!

idk why i just did!

hollie | Reviewer: yodalayhehoo | 6/5/07

her shit is bananas.
b a n a n a s.
bahaha ? trick please.
lets mature on up now, kthx.

Hate(dont like you)... | Reviewer: Rachael | 6/5/07

this song is great. i love it. and this is good at explaining stuff, EVEN if the use some of the same words. ITS CALLED A CHORUS!!!

Grant | Reviewer: Grant | 6/5/07

This song is great. Holly is not getting it at all. I really really don't like you. That's about how people would say Well hates a strong word. He's saying Well I really really don't like her then. Duh
wow you're dumb. This song is great.

All I wanted was ur luv luv luv luvluv luv xD | Reviewer: Julieta | 6/3/07


I lubv this song
its the best
the lyric is sooo deep!

i can't let to hear it, its just like WOOW!

is all !

i can't say anymore!


video | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/3/07

have you guys seen the video?? i love it. he walks and glass shatters. it's great. =]

amaazing | Reviewer: Ashley | 5/15/07

this song when i go through it is like i am singing it to three diffrent guys that i have really liked in the past. Like each part to a diffrent person in the way i felt about them. Its great.

kool | Reviewer: Rea | 5/15/07

Wow this song is perfect for me. Just resently happened but i bounced back. 4 u people that don't get it, it's saying Hate is a strong word so they say i really really really don't like u. because u dislike them soo much. it makes perfect sense.i love this song and the band, odd name but good song. btw: just because u feel that way doesn't mean u have to be some bitch and piss these people who love them off. bad idea hehe

Rea (Ray)

hollie is my idol | Reviewer: hollie-lover | 5/7/07

i agree with hollie i do understand that people who get dumped get upset but really this songd alittle cruel.


This is directed to two people who fucked up my friends life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/07

this song is amazing, It tells the true story about my friend and I want to tell the both of you who fucked her life up that you can both go to hell and he who shall not be named needs to stop pulling fucking lies out of his ass fuck you!!! And his crazy little girlfriend you can go to hell as well!! Nobody treats my friend like that.