ICP | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/19/12

ICP is the shit, there's not another band out there that got famous for singing about how much they love god or choppin peoples heads off. This is what people don't realize, the wicked shit is an illusion, it makes money, so no shit talkin.

hells forecast | Reviewer: juggalo king | 7/2/08

this is a bad ass song icp is bad ass and if u dont liek icp go burn in hell cuz they keep all the stank shit u listen to fresh
no matter how many times u hear a icp song it stays fresh LIKE A FUCKIN TUPPERWARE CONTAINER ICP STAYS FUCKIN FRESH! much wicked ass fuckin clown love juggalos... down witht he clown till im dead in the ground...

ICP's Hell's Forecast Review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/08

yo homies the title of the song might be a lil wered but its da shit youd be suprised how good the song is, first time i herd it i thought it was more than just icp


hells forecast | Reviewer: Lachan | 7/8/07

dude you all need to hear this song i mean i know that the title might not sound like it would be a good song but beleive me it is i mean it is short to but who gives a shit lol anyway...