great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/25/08

this song is really good i heard it the day my gf broke up with me and ever since i listen to it alot i miss her alot and love her alot and just wish she knew how much she really means to me but this song is amazing

tararara | Reviewer: sumy | 8/6/08

god! this song reminds me to my ex
actually this song makes me cry..and reminds me how much he loved me </3
eventhough we've broken like 5 months ago.. D:

i relly miss him.
he is the unique guy i ever relly LOVE & i would give my life fr him
even he was cheatin' onme :(

thnx for write/make this song guys!!
you chnge my life!
sum 41 rawks ^^

well... i just <3 it! | Reviewer: so am i still waiting for this world to stop hating cant find a good reason cant find hope to believe in... </33 :'( | 8/4/08

yeh i rely like this song. its amazing... it means so much for me... well...
When i listen 2 it i rmember him... My love... The ONE I'VE EVER LOVED AND THE ONE I'LL LOVE FOR EVER...
especialy in the end at 4:23 I always cry... It's amazing...
I dnt care if someone says: "Why everyone posts his life story...?"
Man, listen in this site we can post everythng we want to. If u dont like it u can lv! It's so smpl!

<3 it and I hope I'll play this at my wedding...

='[[[[[[[ | Reviewer: travdaddy | 7/17/08

this song reminds me of how my penis left me for another guy! it makes me cry. i just want it to come back. it means everything to me!! i love you little travdaddy!!! everything is nothing without you! im sorry for beating you up 20 times a day. i dont regret it, but i promise i can change!!! come back to me so i can come again!!!

heart breaking | Reviewer: *CANDICE | 7/3/08

my boyfriend just broke up with me because he has a lot of stress on him and he wants to fix things before we wants to be with me again..but i told him i want to wait for him because i still love him..but he broke up with me so i dont know if he still wants me to wait for him when he leaves..and i asked him if he wants me to wait and he ignores it but tells me it's up to me to wait for him but i want him to tell me if it's the right thing so that way in the end i'll know it's worth it..

i think he wants me to wait for him..he just doesnt want me to know he does..he doesnt know "when then end of all this will be"..we broke up but when we were going out he told me if i love him i'd wait for him..and i'm still waiting..

but this song basically is everything i want to tell him..
"i wont let this go" (i wont let go of the fact he wont tell me he wants me to still wait for him)
"as i bleed my heart out to show"( i am going through hell to prove to him i really cant live without him..i starve myself and i havent slept since he broke up with me.)


best song for me | Reviewer: Mr. Smith | 6/26/08

this song speaks my heart.
i just have a long lost friend and love back in my teen years and we just recently get in touch again after long long years. Dont know, but my heart still beats for her. And this songs nailed it all out.
With everything I won't let this go, these words are my heart and soul. I'll hold on to this moment you know, 'as I bleed my heart out to show. And I won't let go!

kick ass song! | Reviewer: betty spageti | 6/21/08

this song is awsome and i loves means alot to others in a different way..i dedicate the song to my ex cuz he still loves me nd cant let go..idk..but i hear the song and i think of all the good times we had ndi dont regret that i went out with him...but im still friends with him nd i glad i still got him 2 hang with when im bored...

Erm... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/08

This is an AMAZING song, I will say, but... I'm actually VERY surprised that people think that it's about their love relationships or whatever--which this song is, but... when you look at it from a different perspective, you can say that it can be about friendship if you carefully pick apart the lyrics.

"I don't want this moment to ever end
Where everythings nothing without you"

Someone might be having the time of their life with their best friend, no matter what it is--or maybe they're having the worst time of their life, and they need their friend or bestfriend to comfort them, otherwise everything seems like "nothing".

"I want you to know
With everything I won't let this go, these words are my heart and soul
I'll hold on to this moment you know, 'as I bleed my heart out to show
And I won't let go"

No matter what the situation, they'll be friends no matterwhat, so the person will never let go of their friendship, and they'll never let go of any moment. They'll even "bleed their heart out" to show how much he/she values their friendship.

There's a lot to say about this. Great song, great lyrics.

Danng | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/08

It's weird that when somebody breaks up with somebody, certain love songs start playing on the radio. And this song is one of those songs.
I hate it, but love it soooo much at the same time.

"I don't want this moment to ever end
Where everythings nothing without you
I'll wait here forever just to, to see you smile
'Cause it's true, I am nothing without you"

it's a really happy song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/21/08

personally i don't know how you can all make this song about your other halvess who have done a bunk, because it is blatently about somebody in love who isn't letting it go, which seems to be the opposite of mostt of these so called reviews (: