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Performed by Plain White T's

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unbelievably touching | Reviewer: Chilly | 9/14/08

when i heard the song the first time i felt like i really could understand the singer though i don't have a long-distance relationship.
i listened to this song so often i knew the text by heart. but then they played it on the radio that much so it was getting on my nerves and i couldn't hear it anymore ( - which happens a lot to really, really good songs. the radio makes them boring mainstream!)
but now, when it's not being played anymore i listen to it more often and start loving it again.

WTH. | Reviewer: Not Important | 7/9/08

Is this a joke?

"Hey There Jesus
Whats It Like In Bethlahem?

I thought this was supposed to be a reliable source for lyrics and it's all good. But, no. I come to this and now i'm second guessing the self. THIS SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!

lol. But, no seriously make it right.

My love, Charlie! | Reviewer: Emma | 2/23/08

This is one of my all time favorite love songs! My boyfriend is graduating high school and leaving for the Navy at the end of June. He'll be just outside of Chicago and I'll still be in Florida, so this song reminds me of our soon to be situation. I love him so much, and this song speaks to me. =] This is an amazing song!

wonderful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/08

I don't really listen to this type of music but when the performed on ellen....I fell in just reminds me of what could be...and remind me of how real love actually is.......worth listening over and over again.......I absolutley LOVE It

i love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/11/08

my boyfriebd dedicated this song to me
and he will be leaving soon for nationla guard and i wont see him for a year
and this song is so great it explains alot of stuff in our relationship

Very sad, but very good too | Reviewer: Shini | 1/8/08

I have this annoying habit of analysing everything i read word by word. When I first heard the song, I dismissed it as a song with a nice tune. I heard it again and decided I liked the song and started singing along. Then I found out the terrible message lying underneath and i couldn't stop crying as I sing along to the song.

Yet I always sing along even if it made me cry, because I find the song down to earth and it kind of liberates me with every tears that fell.

i cry | Reviewer: sappy | 1/8/08

i cry every time i hear this song. it makes me feel so much love for my boyfriend, because he is currently trying to join the navy, so he can make a better future for us. he once sang this song to me when i was sad.

=) | Reviewer: Amanda | 12/23/07

I just love this song. It's like he wrote it for me... My bf lives 8 hours and 600 dollars away from me... I see him 4 times a year :( This song helps me when i feel lonely :)

this song | Reviewer: steel! | 12/17/07

this song makes me feel a little bit rare cause its like the type of relation that i've got with my boyfriend, but the difference is he's who lives in new york and he's who write and play songs for me.

absolute genius | Reviewer: Malinda | 12/14/07

i think this song is an awesome reflection of talent. the only instrumnet is a guitar and i hear this song played so much on the radio. this song is really meaningful for people like me whose bf lives 7 hours away. even though the singer wrote about a chick he barely knew, there must have been some thing else much deeper than just inspiration even if the deeper something wasn't for that particular girl. hats off to the writer.. a pure stroke of genius

Refreshing, like letting out a sigh of relief | Reviewer: mslee | 12/10/07

This song brings so much hope to a person who may have doubts about if they've made the right decision. There's comfort listening to this song, like there's someone on your side helping through the hard times.

I love this song soooo much | Reviewer: sam | 11/25/07

So I love this song soo much and it makes it even better cuz my boy friend played this song for me for our anniversary and he sang it and it made me cyz i love this song soo much!!!!<3

My all-time fave song! | Reviewer: Layla | 11/22/07

this song is my all-time favorite! my bf lives in rochester, minnesota and i live in edina, minnesota (its like, a 3-hour drive) so we don't see each other as often as we wish. so this is our song he emailed me the lyrics and every time it said "delilah" he typed in "layla." it was so cute and it pays to have a name that rhymes with delilah lol. so all u hey there delilah haters out there shut the fuck up cuz ur just jealous!!!

LOVE IT!! | Reviewer: Sally | 11/15/07

What a totally romantic song...just when I thought there would be no more good music...there you are! thanks for Hey There Delilah...what else do you have??? I'll buy it!

yay! | Reviewer: shewhodoesn'tcare | 11/13/07

i really like this song, it's pretty and light and though the lyrics are simple, they're meaningful. the whole song just gives a comforting feeling. =)

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