love for 1D | Reviewer: 1DtillIdie | 3/28/14

I love 1Direction alot ... voice ...luks... humour ... and almost everything about you people drives me CRAZY... the only dream that i have is to meet you guys ... this song is beyond words... beyond epics ...beyond every freaking thing in this world .... <3 <3 <3

One direction | Reviewer: Jenny | 12/16/13

Omg wht amazing voice hav u all got i jst cnt belive luv u all specially zayn,u really rocks no matter wht happens but i luv u always and harry,louis, liam and niall luv u also and kep rocking lik dis

You guys are awesome | Reviewer: Melissa | 10/18/13

harry love ur voice...niall luv ur hairstyle....liam love ur style.....zayn luv when ur high notes....nd lou luv u......luv u all...u all are you with all my heart louis tomlinson , niall horan , zayn malik , liam payne , harry styles...ure awesome

LOVE U 1 DIRECTION ........ !!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: diya | 8/24/13

i really appreciate the 1d group ........ i am a vry big direction er !!!!!!!! all he songs sung by Liam , Nial , Harry , Louis and zany ..... are too deep and touch our heart .... i wish all the best to all the five of them for their upcoming albums ,......... eagerly waiting fr yr successful and heart touching albums and songs ........!!!!!!

Mad on ya | Reviewer: dyeheart fan of 1D | 7/14/13

Wow wow wow I can't beilieve it . love yur hairstyle liam. love your steps. love ur smile harry. love you louie. zainy,what to say about u. niall I love ur eyes. I just fell in luv with u guys. Just make me your GF ! Keep on rocking guys. I love 1D videos. Lot's love from me to 1D. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Niall is the best | Reviewer: Abbey | 7/10/13

Ok,!! I love this song so much but personally I think niall should have had more parts ! Because between him and Harry they r the cutest and the best singers! Sorry Liam, zayn, and Louis ! But it's just not fare !😘😘 love u niall

03/06/13 | Reviewer: Victoria nicks | 6/3/13

I luv harry styles. His hair,face,voice nd everythn. I also luv louis his voice is just amazing. Your songs are really great,I love they don't know about us,last first kiss,more than this nd moments. I luv u guys nd just keep it up. My dream has always been to meet u guyz one day nd to be harry styles girlfriend. Ur secret admirer(harry style's)

My future in your hands! | Reviewer: Someone you like | 5/4/13

WOW! I have really never thought how i ever got to know you guys. Do you know what happened? Well i was just searching for my favorite TV channel which was lost and i was sad but accidentaly found out Vh1 and saw your song"LWYY" and .....felt .......quite shy really( I was rather MAD). The best thing is that i would love to share with you is that.... i have had thousands of dreams of your team performing on stage and videos with mine and to keep in mind my cosin is in love with Louie even if she has seen him only once. Please be kind enough to meet me.
Your secret admirer!

Niall you are so cute and handsome lol I love you FYI I'm 9 and I'm singal for you and I will love too be your girlfriend love Gabriella Miranda bohnke! | Reviewer: Gabriella bohnke | 2/10/13

niall, Harry ,liam, Louie , and zayn, I love the song one thing and niall I get when girls cry you cry too and I now you like girls with brown eyes I have brown eyes love Gabriella Miranda bohnke !

I love Harry styles | Reviewer: Chloe | 2/11/13

I think Harry styles is fit and that his voice is just amazing and he is the best singer I have ever heard and loved in a long while but most of all I love one direction because they are all fit and I love their new song kiss you