curious oversight | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/12

i find it strange that everyone seems to overlook the fact that john lennon admits to beating and terrorizing his former girlfriend; ultimately i think it's a good thing that he admits it- taking accountability is the first step towards making amends- and the fact that he's doing it so publicly makes him a positive model for violently temperamental men who want to change; if anything it says more about our society that everybody just seems to gloss over that bit and pretend it isn't there

Classic John Lennon | Reviewer: Dale | 12/21/11

If you read the Playboy interview with Paul McCartney, after John's assassination, Paul explains that John's commentary "It can't get no worse" was unscripted, and summarized John's outlook on Life and his contribution to the Beatles phenomenon. Lennon was the perfect balance to McCartney's vapid happiness (which prompted McCartney to write "silly love songs" during his solo career, to answer to years of such criticism).

The dynamic between Lennon and McCartney is what makes the Beatles songs so meaningful to me and so lasting after almost half a century.

fuck a duck | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/11

this song is very catchy and memorable. Smash Mouth almost ruined it for me when i saw Cat in the Hat, which also sucked. Thank god the beatles still have the original and there's is amazing. I love Paul. I have to admit it's getting better.

Love the way John undermines Paul's lyrics | Reviewer: racqueteer | 9/16/10

I always loved the way John undermines Paul's lyrics on this song. I think the guys had stopped writing together by this time, and so in comes Paul with this happy little ditty, and you can just imagine John thinking "what a piece of fluff." So he starts undermining the lyrics with "though I can't complain" and "it can't get no worse." That makes the song for me.

Once again... they do it again | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/07

Once again, the Beatles sing another song that is fun and enjoyable.
This is one of my favorite songs by the Beatles. The song, in a way, is an easy related song to people who have trouble in controling their emotions and are now trying to deal with it and trying to "get better."

Hmmmmmm... | Reviewer: John | 8/1/07

One of my all time favorite Beatles song...

but if you really listen to the lyrics and the backup singing...

you can tell its saying since we're at the bottom life sucks it cant get it always seems like its getting better...

it still is very uplifting though...when i get depressed this is the first song i play ;]

inspiring little song | Reviewer: Wendywoo | 6/28/07

This short song always gives me a lift when it's playing.
The repetition of "it's getting better" installs into your head that there are always things that are improving in your life. You just need to find them!
It's nice to hear a tune too with an uplifting tempo and tune.
The fade out of the piano notes could be interpreted as an ongoing echo of things getting better too!
Enjoy and little positivity for a change.