HATE is a strong word!!! | Reviewer: Anti | 2/20/07

i like it. because sometimes we dont know the reason why, but we like to say :



this song really STRONG!

Professional Opinion | Reviewer: Malcolm Friedel | 2/23/07

Malcolm here from MGM records, gotta say, i love that song, i really wished we'd signed them as a band now!!lol

after talkin to the band, it came to my attention that the song is written about Tom Higgenson's (the lead singer) experience with tall blonde model sophia lambert from france. It appears that he was smitten with her, but he slowly came to his senses after she dumped in in Oak Springs Fall Ball , infront of his class mates. this is his song to get back at her.


I LOVE THIS SONG! | Reviewer: Holly | 11/13/06

that other hollie girl doesnt know what shes talkin about this song rocks. blech i am embarressed to have the same name as her

gr8 m8 | Reviewer: Matthew | 11/14/06

this is a gr8 song m8. the tune is great, but the words are a bit weird. hate is a strong word but i really dont like u...thats a bit wierd. but stil, the songs kool.

OMG | Reviewer: Morgan | 11/5/06

I LOVE THIS SONG! ahhi want to buy it so badly~ dude i cant wait for them to play it on the radio all the timE!

Love Love Love Love Love Love It | Reviewer: I Luv Caleb 4 Life | 11/3/06

I think the song is AMAZING! So many times I have to agree with what they are saying! I love it and my friends will/do also! I really really really like the music video! That is how I found out about your song!

love it | Reviewer: Candice | 11/2/06

i think that this song is amazing, it is so beautiful. the messages is great. who cares what hollie thinks, this song helps people cope with their feelings.

Just things... | Reviewer: Sierra | 9/15/06

Yes, it is a song people can relate to, most definitely.

I feel like every single word is coming from me. It's in perfect sync with what happened with me. But I guess, besides that, Hollie, don't comment things with "loser"... not only is it immature, it's very rude. If you don't like it, keep it to yourself.


Makes Sense. | Reviewer: Halifax | 9/3/06

In reply to Hollie, are you referring that the wording is stupid or that the entire song is stupid? If you take the time to really read through the lyrics, you'd have seen there's a story to it. It's your judgement, but it really seems like you just judged it by wording rather than the message.

This song really makes sense. Especially to those people who've ever been dumped. Sure, some people might still love whoever dumped them, but most hate their guts. So it's really a song you can relate to if you've ever gone through something like that.

hahahahahaah | Reviewer: hollie. | 8/30/06

this song is absolutely pathetic. the words are stupid...
i really really really dont like you...?
bahahahahahahha LOSER.
the end.