reality | Reviewer: perth shahriar | 4/21/12

one of da best realistic song i ve ever heard...such an awesme song...hated when she came to ma life..nw this song is ma reality....every single moment is precious with her...really dnt wanna loose her or loose any of our lonely walking really ends when she this song a lot....whenever i hear it just it gives such pleasures.....:*

JUST.PLAIN.AMAZING | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/7/12

every time i hear this song i start crying and singing it as loud as i can (and im not a good singer XD) Right now Im listening to this song at max volume...just hope the neighbours like it XDXD :D .....

:) | Reviewer: Kairi D. | 5/10/11

I've loved this song since the very first time I heard it. It's first note grips you from the very beginning.

And now, I feel honored to get to dedicate this song to someone very special :) I just hope they hold this song as dear to them as I do.

Very powerful and meaningful lyrics. They make my heart swell.

IanBt14 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/10

makes me think really bout that special person, also reminds me of the times i had before the huge fallout with everbody such as best friends and some family, very touching and powerful lyrics to me

i'm in soo much trouble :/ | Reviewer: HELP | 12/4/10

this song is absolutely amazing. it reminds me soo much of my best friend and her boyfriend. even though we're still in high school, they've been together for over two years.
only problem is, i think i like him too. aand he liked me before they got together, so i missed my chance. so this song is a little... bittersweet for me.
[[bittersweet, but still amazing.]]

:) | Reviewer: neyva | 11/8/10

I love thiz song cuz I still miss my ex :( I love him a lot I wish I could kiss him and be with him again but I know he likes me as a friend now :'( that is why I listen to thiz song cuz its like a sad song when u hear it and reminds u of the good times with the ex its sad

blair and chuck | Reviewer: filthy boy | 8/14/10

this song is featured on limo scene victrola episode of gossip girl season 1.
reminds me of blair and chuck and theirwhirlwind relationship.
and also it makes me cry whenever i hear it.
don't know why.

With me | Reviewer: stacie | 7/25/10

this so is one of the most meaningful songs ive ever heard its me and my my boyfriends song iy brang us together so we listen too it all the time the first time, i heard it i cried .. i absolutley love this songg

love u for always | Reviewer: maverick | 7/12/10

this song makes me think about wat a ho i was before i met this girl named kayla its been a year together and this song will keep me with her cause she is my everything. i love her and i never want to loose her like i almost did a couple months ago. but this song kept me strong and pull through it. :)

Just. . . | Reviewer: Girl :) | 3/6/10

So love this song! Reminds me of my ex. .he used to be very loyal and said that he wouldn't leave me. But something happened and we broke up. .but two months ago, he called and said he's still waiting for me. .i almost cried b'coz i know it's impossible. .
Maybe i don't love him like i used to be b4. .but i still think that he's the best so far,that i can find. .