ethereal ecstasy ... innate not synthetic | Reviewer: Monica | 1/21/13

I agree it's hard to know if Sia's talking "down" from drugs because of her admitted drug use BUT I agree with lover idea. OVERALL the words describe the addiction to someone in "LOVE" which is never really LOVE if it is addiction...more like source for getting in touch with buried wounds, pain unearthed to heal... a love which turns you inside out and leaves you broken in the end and in need of true healing which can only and ever occur from WITHIN. Sia is DEF one of a kind.. voice aligned with eternity...

I used this song as inspiration for a blogger post | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/23/12

I confess I was so moved by this song I that I felt prompted to use it as 'soundtrack' for a short story I wrote called 'Aurora'. In the tale, a man who has always been in love with a beutiful young girl invites her (and to his surprise, she accepts) for an unplanned trip to a northern country to watch auroras. The song appears to be divided in three sections, so the story is. Sorry it's in Spanish, though...


Dont Bring Me Down | Reviewer: Laura | 6/9/10

First...this song has nothing to do with drugs. Second....this lyrics are brilliant and her emotion in her voice when she sings it is amazing. She is looking at her lover while he sleeps and thinking about how beautiful he is and realizing she is falling in love with him. She is scared that if she falls in love with him she is going to lose herself in the love and not be an individual anymore because they will become one. She is also afraid that she is becoming attached to him and is becoming vulnerable.

amazed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/16/09

shes amazing and so is this song i feel wraped up in the lyrics everytime i listen to it almost as if i can picture the whole scene playing out in my head esp. after reading the other reviews and explinations.

It's not the lyrics but the expression of the lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/16/08

Ecstacy is dead on. She's expressing the euphoria of being with someone who she's utterly in love with. It's one of those sleepless nights when you are so enamored by the person you are with that you don't want to sleep because you don't want that feeling to disappear. And then the vulnerability of being so in love and knowing you are so fragile and vulnerable and somewhat at the mercy of this other person. It's a plead to let her feel these things without the cost of heartbreak.

LYRICS | Reviewer: Jess | 3/5/08

There's no such thing as poor lyrics. Anything anyone writes, even if it's not creative or you don't think it flows is beautiful in it's creativity. If someone's expressing themselves then it's never bad.

Beautiful Guilt in her Lyrics | Reviewer: LSD | 11/15/07

She feels bad, for what she is staying up on (drug-wise) and she is deeply feeling the remorse and guilt as she watches her sweet, heavenly boyfriend sleep who has never touched a drug nor does he know of the depth that is her secret

donĀ“t bring me down-sia | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/25/07

sia has an amazing voice!this song is worth listening!and also the musicvideo to this song is worth watching!I think choice of metaphor (a little girl) was so perfect for what the song was actually about (ecstasy). The joy, the colors, the overall wonderment of it all, and having to say goodbye to a world with no sadness and go back to painful reality...

dont bring me down | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/28/07

her voice is amazing (quite possibly my favorite voice... ever). and so are her lyrics if you can understand/relate to what she's talking about. in this case she is singing about coming down from ecstasy. and so naturally it is great. amirite?

but seriously. sia effing rules.

Dont Bring me Down | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/07

Her voice is her best asset. I am not too sure about these lyrics...Actually I am sure. I think they are quite poor.

<3 | Reviewer: britt. | 7/18/07

She has an amazing voice. This and Breathe Me are her best songs I think.