heartbroken.. still </3 | Reviewer: Katie | 12/7/08

this song is great. it reminds me of this one guy that i did everything and anything for and he just used me the whole time. i liked this kid so much and he knew it hes always just took advantage of it, advantage of me. but i was stupid and sat there and took it all. he made promises to me everyday and broke them everyday.. but i forgave him everytime for it. i was just stupid but now i realize that im better than that and he didnt even deserve me anways... but this song is amazing and i can really relate to it :(

Amazing. | Reviewer: ilovehim | 12/8/08

A guy i liked sent this song to me last May; and i listened to it and loved it. We both liked each other but for certain circumstances we couldnt be together until later on. Now we are dating and this song is our song. He completely amazes me.

This song is beautiful and amazing.
Sum41 did such a superb job on this song.

significance | Reviewer: Marco A, | 11/24/08

I am not really sure about the meaning of this song, but my interpretation to it is this:
It is written for the person he cares about most in the world, there were some mistakes and things happened, whether still together, separated, or deceased, he is saying that he will love only that person no matter what.
If separated he will try to get her back no matter how much it costs, if deceased he will love her forever, and if together he will never stop being by her side.

graduation??? not!!! | Reviewer: exchanged | 11/19/08

the song is about hoping you could take back what you lost...
not about graduation,,,
yes, you are weird indeed and your review is alot wierder.. i think..
and most people would think when they read it...
it's about being broken...
and hoping she would come back...
not about wearing togas and crying while singing this song...
i can't believe people seem to get dumb these days...
read the lyrics and sing the song over again, dude, till you get it...

Graduation Song | Reviewer: Victoria W. | 11/7/08

this might sound wierd ... but i'm actually singing this song for my graduation in a few weeks ... it has that sort of 'remember the past' feel about it which relates to graduating alot ... so yeah ... thats my input

for him. | Reviewer: J. | 11/6/08

my ex showed me this song, a few months after we broke up. and even though he has a girlfriend now, he still acts as though we are together, when we are around each other. and he looked at me when this song was playing, and said, this song is so friken relevant it scares me.

and that scared me because i still love him, and i hate it that i do.

hcoco | Reviewer: hcoco@live.com | 10/29/08

i love him so much. still.
we were together for 19 months (one and a half years) and we broke up four months ago but i'm still not okay. i miss him so much. i really try not to. every single day i think about how i'd give everything to get him back.
it's just so frustrating to know i'll never get the chance to actually be with him again, but i still hope deep in my heart, i can't help this. it's like losing my boyfriend, my best friend and the half of my body and soul at once. the only reason i'm posting this comment because i know you guys feel the same out there. we all like this song becaouse of the same thing... our loves. the ones who we've just lost. no matter how, we don't have them anymore.
i'm so sorry for all of you.

love this song | Reviewer: C.K | 10/14/08

I love this song ever since the 1st time i heard it. as soon as i heard the lyrics i thought of a girl that i like 2 years at the time 3 years now. the funny thing is that the 1st time i heard the song is on her cd in my other friends car and i didnt know it was her cd into 2 weeks later.I told her before i heard this song but she didnt feel the same way and she just wanted to be friends but i still have feeling for her and this song reminds me of her. i started to take guitar lessons and this is the 1st song i learned.

this song | Reviewer: Xx.emo.ashes.xX | 9/19/08

every time i lisson 2 this song it makes me cry because my bf killed himself witha bullet to the head and it hurts to think this song was write for him so on my wedding day this song will go one and i will cry now he is gone


clearly amazing. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/08

this song is so sad. story of my life! haha. well my boyfriend and i just broke up and before we did i heard this song and it made me think of him so yeah..i just hope he listens to it to and maybe he will realize how much he misses me..maybe..i love you