OMFG | Reviewer: 'strid | 4/29/07

this song rocks! who ever thinks otherwise is seriously music retarded. ya that means u hollie i mean seriosly.

Hate is a strong word | Reviewer: just me. | 4/28/07

In reply to the hollie who thinks this song is stupid...I just think that perhaps you shouldn't listen to if you dislike it so much.

good song for my day | Reviewer: Tanner | 4/27/07

today i got dumped and when ever i do this is the song i look to, its the best song ever

Any1 | Reviewer: Jade | 4/20/07

This Song Has To Be One Of The Best They Haven Writen Apart From A Few Others But I Mean Come On They Pulled It Off It's Good... Plus It Sounds Even Better Live

amyy | Reviewer: amy | 4/19/07

hes a pretty good singer....i can totally relate to what hes saying..thats what i love about this song.

true | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/07


now that its OVER i dont even know what i liked about you. im taping that in huge letters to someones car TONIGHT.

loved it!! | Reviewer: katie | 4/5/07

hollie, don't comment if you don't like it!! i think that this song is absolutely amazing! i love it and it is soo true

awesomeness | Reviewer: char | 4/3/07

this song is ssooo good. The lyrics are so true, like i think everyones felt that at one time in their life.

wtf? | Reviewer: just this one girl | 2/14/07

that holly chick is crazy. i LOVE this song. omg. its not pathetic. it makes PERFECT sense to me. i mean...honestly...if ur gunna say something bad go find an I Hate The Plain White T's website. otherwise leave people like ME who like them ALONE

so good | Reviewer: stef | 2/15/07

this song is amazing why would hollie look up the lyrics if you didnt like the song
like it:D