YOU ARE THE BEST | Reviewer: mr john | 1/13/13

my lover is back with the great help of DR OBAS he help me cast
a spell that brought her back to my arms, in just two days. my lover
left me with our only kid and now they are back, once again i want to
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Cant move on :/ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/23/12

I have been in a relationship for 11 months now and my bf is away at college and i go to high school with my ex i was with for two years. I would do anything to be in the relationship i was in before. This song makes me miss what i had with him and miss him. :'( he was my first love and real relationship. He still means the world to me.

Why does it still hurt | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/1/10

I just heard this song for the first time today. I was married for 20 years and loved husband so so much. We had a great marriage it was a great life. Then he cheated on me and stopped loving me. It's been five years since the divorce and I have moved on and have learned to live without him. I have healed and forgiven him. He has hated me these past 5 years and just last week he got remarried. I thought I was truly over him and when I heard the news I haven't stop crying I hurt so much. I don't want him back it's just the memories and the good life we had. THIS SONG IS SO PERFECT FOR THE WAY I FEEL. I didn't die when he left me I am strong and live for my kids. If you have a friend that is hurting play this song for them. It just brings back great memories. But it is time to move on and I will.

ILOVEYOUTB | Reviewer: Jules Pedersen | 5/26/10


Well; We're still in love, but you're with him now; Even though you only like him. -_- I'm waiting for you because you make me feel alive in my dead life, and i love you. You're my BFF and my love. You're everything to me, and i'll wait forever if I have to! <3


if i could see you again.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/09

everything would change.. i jsut heard this song and it almost made me cry... i miss my ex so much.. i had a lifetime with her!!

Hope some day, some how.. i'll see her again and tell her i can't do right now :(

While You Loved Me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/21/09

I think this song relates to all of us that have been in love. We live while they love us but a part of us dies when they leave us because we're so alive with them in our lives. My and my boyfriend have broken so many times in the last 9 years but we manage to get back together later on because we realize how much alive we are when we're with each other. We have a great relationship now than we ever did because we've come to realize you know we're going to be together. I'm so alive with him and so in love with him. All the break ups and getting back togethers can't even amount to how alive I feel when I'm with him. And now we're planning to a have a family. If I ever write to story of my love life he is where it will be begin. It all began back in our sophomore year of high school and it's still going on 9 years later. Love you always baby. You are my life.

while you loved me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/09

i was in a 9 month realationship and long story short its over.and this song makes those last month seem worth it even though at time it seems like it was just a waste of time and that i made a big mistake,which in a was i guess i did.but ive learned and i can tell you i wont make those mistakes again.

love | Reviewer: just me | 3/30/09

iv been going out with a guy i fell in love with the first time i saw him. we dated for half a year. he said he loved me but he just let go when i was going thro somthing. he broke my heart but i want him back so bad. i wish i had just one more chance. every time i hear this song it sends chills up my arms its so amazing

i love charlie | Reviewer: jess | 3/18/09

when i meet my boyfreind i found out he was goign into the millitary we had just started dating but we already knew we loved each othe being away from him was so hard than when he got home we broke up and everytime i heard this song it reminded me i loved him and if i truely did that one day i would have to forgive him and aloow him back into my life for hurting me .. this song showed me no matter how much u can truly not like the person that if u truly love them its meant to be now we have been together for 9 months and i love him to death
i love you baby

Missing My YogiBear and Someday Seeing You Again! | Reviewer: Gena- Adams Angel | 2/23/09

I have a Boyfriend that looks like Keanu Reeves almost to a tee :-) and He is so Remembered this Way in our relationship that started 5 years ago and still going :-) I Miss Him Greatly! He is in Prison and will be out in 7 Years and I eagerly Await him coming Home to Me, to be United Forever :-) God Helps Me Everyday and He is Learning of Jesus and I am so Greatful for That. I am so Greatful for this Song that says just what I feel Inside. Many Thanks to you Rascal Flatts

Forever Sincere- Adams Angel

Greatest break up song ever | Reviewer: Matt | 1/8/09

This song reminds me of my ex girlfriend, she was my life and i got too rapped up in her that when she broke up with me i really died inside. I got a whole lifetime out of our relationship and i would do it again in a heartbeat. Love is the greatest thing in life and if you are truely in love and your heart is broken this song should mean something to you because i know it means a lot to me

memories | Reviewer: lizzard | 10/28/08

this is a great song... and if you think about it, it relates to a lot of us. for me personally it remind me of my ex boyfriend. i made him my everything, the night he broke up with me (needless to mention it was for a little tr@mp) i felt like my heart dropped.

the only thing is... i got a life time in while he (so called) loved me, but i WOULDNT do it all again... looking back, it wasnt the best choice ive made in my life. i couldve had a better man, but i let him slip away...

How much I love the song | Reviewer: Alicia Coulter | 5/30/08

I love the song because...... I have a boyfriend named Josh. I broke up with him and this song came on CMT and radio, it made us think about how our relashinship is. I love this song so much at I want to hear it all day long.

Rascal Flatts Rocks | Reviewer: Alicia Coulter | 4/16/08

Hi Rascal Flatts,
All of your songs I love them I listin to you guys all the time and I went to your consret in 2004. My boyfrined loves you and he sings to me of your songs. I enjoy listening to your songs, it makes me happy to listien to your songs I wish I got a chanse to meet you face to face at the consert of 2004. I have a picture of you guys with out your sinhers. I love the song while you loved me because it reminds me of my boy frined. I am your hugeset fan I love all your songs and veidos.

your fan,
Alicia Coulter

love is complicated | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/13/08

this song reminds me of me 2, i dated sum1 for a year and a half, my 1st love ever, he said he loved me to, but he never fought for me, everytime we argued he just shut me out, till one day i got tired and walkd away. Now we talk and i still love him but not sure i want him back. i wanna move on.