me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/09

I love sum41. but ths song only reminds me of the pain of being in love with the Idiot, that told me hwe loved 2 years ofter i moved from Chile to the USA. I love him like crazy, but I canm't be together with him, he said that should use this song to remember him. yeah like I'll be able after knowing I'll never be with him.

Bes song ever | Reviewer: Matt | 4/3/09

this is the best song ever by the best band ever, it reminds me of a girl i love and it makes me cry everytime 'i dont want this moment to ever end, where everythings nothing without you, id wait here forever just to see you smile cos its true i am nothing without you' the best lyrics ever written n th fact its sum 41 makes it even better

Touching | Reviewer: Rowdy Floyd | 3/22/09

I am a divorced single mother with few things that are for my own personal happiness. But I have spent the past year with a man that makes me so happy and breathed the life right into my battered soul. And this song marks just how bad I need him in my life.

my heart and soul | Reviewer: Bryson Hair | 2/24/09

the first time i heard my ex-girlfriend playing this song i instantly fell in love with it. i showed my current girlfriend this song and as she cried in my arms one night it showed her how much i really cared about her. especially when i started to cry too. now she's going through an extremely hard time in her life and all i can think about is her and this song. this song is the best!!!!!

Chuck and blair | Reviewer: Awesome | 2/10/09

i loved this song from the first time i heard it. i heard it when watching episode 7 of gossip girl. these two people get together and it is so amazing and this song is perfect for the moment. i love it!

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/09

this song reminds me of my ex. we've been broke up for a little over 8 months, but i still remember the night she played this song for me. to this day nobody has ever made me feel like she did, and like a fool, i'll always be hoping she will come back.

this song | Reviewer: Minns | 1/24/09

this song makes me cry each time i hear it.
it reminds me of one special boy who lived in a different country to me. i loved him. alot. and couldn't want anything more than to be with him. And stay with him. But then he had to move on. Because long distance relationships aren't the greatest things. this is now his and his new gf's song. i hate it. but i cant stop listening to it.

kc | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/09

This song reminds me about my best friend. He sendt the tekst to me some weeks before he tried to take his own life. When he was as the hospital, I only listen to this song.
And now we are a couple. and this is our song:)

It allways makes me cry..

:) | Reviewer: yeah | 12/29/08

i got givin this song, when i was seeing a guy for about 3 months we wernt going out but just togther, then he broke it off because he just got out of a one and a half yar reltaionship and coulndt do it again. he gave this to me a week after he broke it off.
we havnt changed anything about how we act or anything ever since he broke it off.
i just want him back fully

Dana | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/16/08

Ever since the summer when Underclass hero came out, I have been in love with this song. I met this one girl who I thought was amazing. The next time I listened to this song, I thought of her. We went out, but things didn't work. The past summer, I got a second chance and this is the song she would always put on. She also wanted me to teach her how to play it. I wrote her a letter with lines from this song in it. It was my way of bleeding my heart out to her. I gave her everything and all I got in reurn was pain. She screwed me over multiple times with other guys, including my own friends. The last thing was having to drive her and my best friend and watching them cuddling in the back of my car through the rear view mirror. She always played games with people, and mine was a painful one. Now we walk past eachother, and we act like we don't know who the other is. I am left with memories, and that is all I have left. Whenever she would do something wrong, she would put this song on. Now, I can't even make it to the bridge without breaking down. This song is my favorite, and I have the upmost respect for Sum 41. "In front of your eyes, It falls from the skies. When you don't know what you're looking to find"