Wow.... | Reviewer: T. | 12/20/08

First of All this is an amazing song. I love it. Everyone is dedicating it to their exes. I'm not going to dedicate it to my ex but I'll say this is exactly how I feel about her even though I still love her. It just seems so different now. Secondly Kaleigh, you are fucking retarded. I'm guessing that you never have been in a relationship that once meant alot to you. People relate to songs like this because it shows how they feel. Also if you have a real life what are you doing looking lyrics up you dumb bitch?

i love goats | Reviewer: Jiby Yohannan | 11/15/08

i love this song like so much.
it make sme relate to my goat in Kharpender, back in east Asia (my home). Well wow, i miss my goat. If you miss your goat, I will advise you to listen to this song. it is so great to let go of your feelings. so then i wont get depressed like russian, or bumps like yahoo answers. well love ya mwahh mwahh...

n/a | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/17/08

uhmmm ok, how stupid are you?

Reviewer: kaleigh | 1/18/2008

"love the song i dont dedicate it to anyone i just like it b-cause im actually a real person who has a real life and doesn't rely on songs to show my poeple."

first of all i know your lame as hell because you typed b-cause, so wow instead of putting an e you put a hyphen, yeah your about as sweet as aids. and second you said im a real person with a real life.... ok wow this is surprising!! your real!! omg thats so awesome thanks for the heads up, i would have never guessed?!?! and you have a real life too!!!?!?! well congrats on that, most people dont have real lives i guess your saying?? bottom line people can relate to songs because they're still words and usually thats how people handle their problems is talking about it or relating, so who do you think you are to talk crap on people who feel like they can relate to this? theres nothing wrong with it and when your old enough to hit puberty then maybe you'll have problems of your own, in fact i hope you have really bad problems and maybe that'll open your eyes a little but.... retard.

Awsome song dudes | Reviewer: Daniel | 1/25/08

When I first listen to the song I was liked this is one of the best songs I have ever heard before but this band and TDG, FOB ,and SP are my favorite bands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

. Three days grace Cool! Plain White T's cool!

. Fall out boy cool!

. Simple Plan cool!

ok | Reviewer: kaleigh | 1/18/08

love the song i dont dedicate it to anyone i just like it b-cause im actually a real person who has a real life and doesn't rely on songs to show my poeple.

Okay then! | Reviewer: Mr. Letsbecoolaboutthis | 1/2/08

Obviously, somebody has anger issues! This song reminds alot of people of idiots in their life, including me. I won't get into detail, but I can say this song is well-written, and I admire the pwt's for that.

Ok people... | Reviewer: Minor | 12/28/07

Good song, Plain White T's!
Nobody cares about your problems at home, idiots below me. Get a life. Then go back to school and learn how to spell. If you want to comment on how much this song 'reminds me of my ex,' or 'makes me think of my husband' save us the 'heartbreak' and post on a personal website where no one will see it. Who actually feels for you? It's quite annoying, really.

Before you comment on how 'unfeeling' I am, and my 'husband must hate me', Newsflash, people.
I'm not evenin Highschool.

=] | Reviewer: anonimus | 12/5/07

I absolutely love this song, and i also dedicated it to my ex because, he is a man whore and everything about this is true<3

wow | Reviewer: rodger rabbit | 12/4/07

i really like this song but can everyone keep there ikle stories to them selves!!! great song anyway

Simple | Reviewer: Bushra | 11/19/07

i thikn dt its a wicked ass song it reli sys wt u feel wen u break up wit ur boyfrind or girlfrind but so mny ppl likn der feelings 2 songs which i think is bad somtimes u shud jus get a reality check and forget bout it anyway woow love dis song