Good fortune passes everywhere! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/14/07

Transends age and culture. Some would call her a girl in search of a designated lifestyle provider. Get neutered and save yourself a lot of headaches

Gold Digger | Reviewer: Dapo | 7/27/07

I think those boys, are real cool and words of the song is damn interests. I love black, always been proud of black things.......only Jesus make the different....LOL...Dapo from Nigeria

.... | Reviewer: Your Mom | 7/23/07

Like the song I guess.... to bad Kanye doesn't like white people...thats what I heard atleast

Kanye...... | Reviewer: wilder aka PRETTY BOY | 6/23/07

This song was and still the shit fo real, i mean KAnye and Jamie held it down @ the Grammies......]
Keep doing ya things BOYS..

Get Down Boy! Go Head Get Down! | Reviewer: Syria | 5/7/07

Hey The song is really coo! I loved it when i first heard it. It's catchy. Hey and it's not really a put down to single mothers it's really a put down to Who.......GOLD DIGGAS! So i liked it! Good Job! Keep pushin.

Subliminal Message | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/4/07

Is it just me or does it sound like the guy is sayn 'go kill ya mum' i mean thts all im hearn how do u get 'she steal my money'? out of tht, tht is trippy man, mayb im crazy, but this is seriously drivn me insane argh

Ummmm . . . | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/19/07

Does anyone else think this song is offensive? I'm sorry but are any of you actually listening to the lyrics or do you just want to dance at the club to a song that has a good beat. I don't know about you but I don't know any "Golddiggers" in my life and find the term as applied to women horrible and offensive. All the women I know work hard to make thier own money - and don't listen to shitty songs like this one.

omg like best song ever | Reviewer: Andi | 3/1/07

yet, the title says it all... i LOVE this song... but its so hard to sing! XD

Gold digger | Reviewer: Ashley | 2/10/07

Kanye West is my hero!! lmao. I love him so much. His songs are awsome and real. I don't like the part about the single moms either.. but.. everybody is intitled to there thoughts.

Keep it up man.. i love your shit kanye:)

Boombastic | Reviewer: Grace | 9/9/06

This song is just something else!!!!!!!!! i am a party organiser and its becoming increasing embarrasing for me in da club, when this song comes on as i just jump so high and all my friends are like.............. best song ever!!!!!!!!!

absolutely flawlessly brilliant | Reviewer: wouldn't you | 4/18/06

I'm sure I would despise the video, judging by the reviews posted herein. However, this is probably the most flawlessly brilliant example of musical counterpoint I have heard in decades and decades and decades.

And to the single mom thing? I would delight in receiving the $40+k plus interest that is owed to me (and that I will never see) for raising a child alone without $$ or emotional support; therefore I'm not exactly implicated by the presumption that Kanye's work makes about unmarried mothers being an 'acquisitive, opportunistic baby-making lot.' Of course, this makes the whole business of enjoying this track that much more delightful.

Listening to GohDig is a truly transforming experience. Ask my coworkers, who are force to watch me dance to it when my friend whips out her IPod....... bleeach!!...

broke broke | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/06

yoyoyo i like,i like this song,my best jamie with my man kanye west make a crazy song gold digger,u re the best guys,i like ya but thing also about life without gold,no matter what people say no matter what they want,that is the best of my part no matter.i like u jamie if i was a girl wich i'm not i would marry u,joke,take a peace 5 guy still in the mud with broke broke.

THE MOST AWESOME SONG OUT | Reviewer: Sarah | 2/13/06

This song is sooo good. I am also listening to it. The film clip is mad also, but not the girls BUT what man doesnt like girls? At least Kanye and Jamie didnt put them on leashes. I do not think that this song demeans WOMEN in anyway. It is about women with financial problems but who cares its also a love song...and there are heaps and heaps of songs about something real like financial problems. I do doubt you semjot. And I got nothing out of your review. This song is not shallow, dumb or anything else. This song is clever, well written and really cool. I don't usually like rap but Kanye West is awesome. And this song is done in such a way that I can't find an excuse not to like it.

It's The Bomb! | Reviewer: LIN EE | 2/9/06

I can't get it outta my head! What a sound! And, Jamie and Kanye did it up fine on the Grammies, for sure. Jamie Foxx is the whole package, man. Just gettin' familiar with Mr. West, but he's fine, too.

Now that I've read the lyrics, they are a bit of a put down to single mothers, but from some people I know, that's the real deal. Honesty hurts, dawg.

ass hole shitty | Reviewer: semjot | 1/20/06

this song not only demeans wemon in its music video, it also makes a mockery of independant wemon who seek finanacial help through child support when the father has left responsibility. fuk tis song and all its riters, and fuk u if u doubt me. i hope you get something out of this