I luv this song! | Reviewer: Isabelle | 7/30/07

I luv this song the plain white t's are now my favorite band gruop. Since I heard Hey there delilah I fell in love w/ this band and on saturday I saw their concert at the oxford Valley Mall and I luved it. And I think this song is great b/c it's a different kind of luv song! I luv The Plain White T's!

Hate (I really don't like you) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/07

I love this song! I showed this song to my teenage daughter and told her that I dedicated this song to the two boys who are drowning because of her at this moment. FYI, she has never had a boyfriend yet and still quite innnocent. But, boy, I feel for those boys who falls for my daughter.

Sweetness bud | Reviewer: Kelsea DeBowes | 7/25/07

this Is my favorite song from Plain White T's because I feel the same way about one of the guys I know!!!

knowing.... | Reviewer: julie | 7/22/07

i know someone that this really happened to... it was like they really liked each other and then they argued a lot.. and then they broke up.. i was talking to the guy that was in this so called relationship and he told me this exact thing before the song had even become known very well.. he told me that he didnt even know what he liked about this girl now that it was over. i think its really sad he feels this way but i guess when something bad happens in a relationship thats what happens.. when i found this song, i referred him to it and now he loves it.. and so do i! this kid is still a good kid just so you know... but we both are in love with this song.. and im his new girl friend! and he have been going steady now for a while.. its great.. and we havent ever argued! but i fear what would happen if we did and he broke up with me what song he would dedicate our relationship to.. hmm.. interesting i think!! but this song is great.. and so is life.. love life! muah!

yeah... | Reviewer: Cynthia | 7/10/07

I love your music i can play Hey There Delilah on the acoustic guitar I still cant find out how to play this song (most songs i hear and i instantly know how to play them)im only 11 years old but i love your music YOU GUYS ROCK

I love you people | Reviewer: Cynrhia | 7/6/07

i love this song the plain white T's rock i love you guys! Tom I love your voice, but you all rock


i love it!! | Reviewer: Jessica | 7/5/07

i love this song!!! it really says what so many ppl feel!! its a great song. and whoever dieagees needs to shut and keep it to themselves.

fellow writers opinion | Reviewer: Kayla | 7/5/07

Ok Hollie..
1.listen to the song
2.hear how saying really 3 times makes the song catchy.
3.appreciate how smart they were for doing it
4.don't make comments about a song when you prolly have no song writing skills at all

About the song Hate (I Really Don't Like You) | Reviewer: david | 6/15/07

i think this song is really really really good. some people may called a loser's song, but it makes sense, and it has very cool melody. the lyrics are kinda weird, but they're totally acceptable, it is a good piece of good rithmic and molodic notes with some guy's feelings. at least this guy can compose about how his feelings. Hollie if ur tiny head allows it, try to go deeper to the meaning of songs.

About the sonngg.. | Reviewer: Felicia | 6/14/07

i love this song i dedicate it to my X ..... its perfect:)