Reviews for Hey There Delilah Lyrics

Performed by Plain White T's

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katlynn | Reviewer: Tyler Mcgill | 6/18/07

This song reminds me of my girlfriend Katlynn and i miss her

Wow | Reviewer: Stephanie | 6/17/07

I totally love this song. You never really hear
song like this, its a good change and they did it
famously. Though wish i came out years ago.

very good | Reviewer: Shyala | 6/17/07

This song has a meaning for everyone. We all think what we want but we all love it.

Lova | Reviewer: Amy | 6/18/07

I absolutely love this song. I listened to it
so many times on my flight. Ah! this song is so great.

love it! | Reviewer: christina | 6/16/07

I just heard this song for the first time in the car today. I fell in love with it! I scrambled for a pen and found a napkin just to right down some of the lyrics but that is all I had. thanks to you I found the song no problem. thank you.

wow. | Reviewer: RFG | 6/11/07

i love this song. i think that the toon is really southing and peacefull and the lyrics are so sweet.

it relates | Reviewer: none of your business | 6/9/07

this song relates to me all the way ever thing about it im gonna put it on myspace

De-Lila | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/11/07

i have a daughter names lila....and she hears this sing and she says it is her song...absolutely love it!!!!

I Luvz this song so much | Reviewer: Kondieona | 6/7/07

I LUVZ THIS SONG SO MUCH!!!!, it's like so peasefull.This song is like the best, I cried on song.That couple so close no mader wat far she is he still luvz ur alot, and he will antthing 4 her, I WANT A GUY LIKE THAT!!!

Awe! | Reviewer: .tierra.rain. | 6/7/07

i seriously love this song! it is the best in da world! hehe. My bf played it for me on his geetarrr and i was in love!

plain white t | Reviewer: jack | 6/6/07

i sent a few of these lyrics to a girl...replaced the name with hers.
i am now going out with her ace ness

Juvenile lyrics, overrated song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/6/07

Once you pass through puberty, you'll realize this song could have been written by any twelve year old. There are hundreds of love songs better than this one, written by musicians with actual talent. This one-hit wonder band and its crappy song can't get off the airwaves fast enough!

Loves It | Reviewer: Delilah | 6/5/07

I love having a song with my name in it! This song is soo cute! You have to love it!

Hey There Delilah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/4/07

I herd it on my way back from my confirmation. It's my new favorite song EVA!!!!!

hey there delilah | Reviewer: jenna | 6/4/07

omg luv that song it so soft and sweet and so awesome!!!!!!

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