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Performed by Eamon

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great | Reviewer: Gisela | 2/17/08

I love it, I love it, I love it, this is the best song ever....This is perfect for my now ex-boyfriend he fucked up big time just for a fucken he is like a fucken dog alone without her and without me.
Now you want me back...but fuck you.

song | Reviewer: macau | 12/29/07

this is really my favorite song, i love this song so much.
i would love to sing this song for my EX-BOYFRIEND.
his so fucked up!!! i know... girls sometimes is more fucked up than man, but my boyfriend is so fucked up, thanks EAMON, i love your song so much!!!

ex | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/07

since my ex-girlfriend cheated on me, this song is my favourite, sometimes i love her, and would do anything to get her back, but the next moment i am (offcourse) really pissed about here. my mind if fucked up, i want her back but i could never trust her again

just think | Reviewer: jennifer | 12/16/07

Although I'm a girl , but I Can see feel guys, but really not every girl no good, but this good song, should fuck her in song, ( Maybe my Eng no good )

yeah ryt | Reviewer: antonia | 12/7/07

this song is dedicated to all the ex's who fucked up... my ex was one of them.. i also like the female version of i dont want you back, it was good..

hahaha... | Reviewer: abid | 11/2/07

i like this music... it remind me the day when i was miserable.. well.. i guess i manage to get over it.. and now my heart is as tough as a steel... fuck it!!...

yeah.. | Reviewer: question. | 11/1/07

Just a question. Can guys relly fall in love? Im kind of, yeah. over all guys. Probably ive played them, but the fact is that i never think they can love me back. Thats why i dump them before I fall in love. All guys out there, can ya relly fall in love?

about the tagalog version | Reviewer: rioh | 9/8/07

this freaky awesome song now has it's own version in our language here in the philippines.. only our version has more dirty lyrics but still this original version by eamon really fucked! well if u can understand tagalog language then you better check our version in youtube, search for, "fuck it tagalog" then you'll soon know what i'm talking about..

Great great song! | Reviewer: david | 9/7/07

god damn this song is good! ma ex was a bitch, i loved her so much, and all of a sudden she sent me to eat shit, fuck her! se got with another guy, treated like a bitch, so now she comes bak to me cuz i treted her like princess, but i just told het to active the bluetooth on the cell phone, accept the file, and told her to listen to the song at her house, not at ma house cuz she isnt gettin in there eva again!!
thanks eamon!
keep the good stuff comin...

my gf make me crazy | Reviewer: girim | 8/23/07

i have a girl friend.. i love she so much.. but why she left me with no reason.. she left me when a valentine heart BROKEN but i still love her n we couple back.. now she left twice.. but i still forget her what ever she do at me.. i will love her.. then she left again... what should i do.. this LOVE make me crazy.... damn all this girl.. just playing my heart.. sorry dude my english is not very good.. by the way.. i really LOVE this song

'her' reply to this song | Reviewer: Pat | 8/22/07

There is a response to this song by the woman he was talking about, she sang a song back to him telling him exactly what he can do with himself. Im trying to find it.

forget ur love...better then ur ex and better then ur nex!!! | Reviewer: carlos | 8/8/07

actually this song means wen u fall in love with someone u gotta know if shes the right one...but my point is she fucked she wants u bak cuz she know wut she did and she had u a nice happy guy...and ther wasnt no worries cuz u loved she cant get anybetter..sooo..umm fuck her dont get her bak never forgive someone.if they break ur heart...NEVER...

totally | Reviewer: caitlin | 7/11/07

ummm not just the guys can use this to get at their old girls... but the girls to get at their guys too... music makes you feel better.... and if you weren't over him yet... this will help

About the song Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back) performed by Eamon | Reviewer: man | 6/1/07

this really is a good song tht i ever heard. best to fuck all the girl.

yeaaah fuck 'em all | Reviewer: mostafa | 5/27/07

I dedicate this song to every bitch played with me.. I didn't ever meet a decent girl.. I am still searchin :D

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