as i can tell my friends and family | Reviewer: pavrun | 9/4/14

How do you know everyone is very impressed with you and never knew about it and we can have a lot more than that and we have a lot of fun for it and i never knew about it and i was very upset about it then i never knew who he was and you say please be my friend and he said no to it because i was upset about it so much and a lot more

Breathtaking song | Reviewer: Jules | 2/27/14

This always reminded me my ex, a beautiful sweet boy. He didnt like ADTR cause he was most likely to death / black metal stuff. One day I put this on his pc and while music was playing i stood up and he came to me and started hugging me and kissing me so so sweetly... now we are not together and makes me cry. reminds me how much i miss him.

you mean so much to me. | Reviewer: olivia | 2/28/12

A couple days ago, I figured out my boyfriend of six months cheated on me with two girls at the bar, we are a couple years a part and I am yet not old enough to do, we are still together but today he started to sing with his amazing voice while I was yelling at him for hurting me.. this was the first time to hear him sing, I stopped and realized he learnt all the lyrics to this song, which is my favorite song.. I love this boy.

help me i dunno what to do | Reviewer: marcus | 10/31/11

My girlfriend is tweeting the lyrics to this. It literally is us, word for word. It hurts her too much that im away, and she wants to end it. She says she doesnt even feel the love anymore, but i can tell its still there and she just says that to ease the pain. Can some one please tell me what i can do to make her realize that everything is gonna be okay? :( i've really tried everything and im so terrified of losing her, i dont know whats gonna happen and i feel like my life will be over if we are. That last verse is exactly how i feel right now.. Some one please help me..

Our Song <3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/23/11

two years ago, I was at a soccer tournament and my friend brought two of her friends to come watch. one was her girlfriend and the other was her girlfriend's roomie. he has an amazing smile and deep brown eyes that look like they can look right through you. we were quickly introduced, and just as quickly I couldn't even remember his name because I was so distracted! when it came time to go our separate ways, I gave the girls hugs and, unsure if he was taken or what he was comfortable with, I neglected to give him a hug. he came after me with a smile and said he wanted one too. that night, he got my number from my friend and from then on, we texted constantly. he continued to come to my games, and even practices. we always hung out til late at night, just talking and one night... he sang for me. he sang "If It Means A Lot to You." for a while, we went our seperate ways, but now we're back "together." the other night, we sang this song together. it's our unofficially official song <3 it explains our relationship perfectly...

.... | Reviewer: KT | 7/25/11

I leave for basic training in two weeks. My boyfriend and I are close and I love him. This song makes me think of how much I'm going to miss him while I'm gone for 15 weeks and also my fear that he's going to decide he doesn't want to wait on me and leave while I'm away...

Second Chances | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/11

This song really goes out to my girlfriend now. I fell for her last year and she hurt me so bad that I pushed her away for my own protection...but, my heart wouldn't let me forget and no matter how hard I tried to hate her for putting that knife in my back I still love her and it's the most intense feeling ever. I eventually talked to her again and she apologized for everything and said all of the right things and asked for a second chance to prove that she will put her all into us, now it's better than I could have dreamed. For all of you out there that had your life controlled by love and had it ripped away from you, there is still hope, second chances are deserved and they could make your life all the better. Fight for what you want, fight for that love and don't ever give up. I love you darling, and I don't think I could ever stop, please never hurt me again, you will forever have my heart...

mistakesss | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/25/11

i made the worst mistake ever a few months back! i was with this guy who i literally love and still love to pieces and i went and listened to some b**s***d and now were over, im still not over him and i know he still likes me but he's complicated and ive had enough of the false hope bleeh! :(

A long life of regret...over true love | Reviewer: Miranda Reene | 6/1/11

I dated this guy named Dylan Ray Ketchum for four years. He was my first love the only boy I will love. The only boy I will ever mean the words I love you. He means the world to me. But i did some bad things and i lost him. its all my fault and i have to live with it for the rest of my life.. Dylan im sorry it had to end like this.. Please Come Back. I will always love you noone else. I cant move on its only you!!! Well, Goodbye

:) | Reviewer: Anonymous. | 5/23/11

i love this song.
when i first heard it i was sitting in a band room at my school. soon as it came on the speakers and my friends started playing and singing along to it, i knew i loved it.
even though i'd never heard the song before, halfway through the whole room was singing to it, myself included.
i cant exactly relate to the situation, but i dont care. it's a rad song anyway :D

I miss HIM | Reviewer: Tearsrundownmyface | 5/13/11

Today, I was really stupid because I was tellin him that I won't come back to him. But nobody know's, I am really miss him and I can't stop thinking of him. I just act like I really hate him and I really love my new boyfriend. And nobody know's, I am always in love with SYAZWAN ISMAIL, not my new bf. Syazwan, this is from your ex girlfriend. I miss you.

:( | Reviewer: Jenny | 4/19/11

I know how you feel Michael. My ex and I broke up a year ago, and part of me still likes him, and he says he still likes me but dates all these other girls. I found out today that he's dating this girl he met online, and he's cheating on her with me. And he writes about her on his comment on Playstation, so I play with him on Playstation anymore, and I do my best to avoid him at school. Oh well, I'll get over it, this song keeps me staying strong for myself and not him.

My heartbreak (update) | Reviewer: Michael Bushey | 4/18/11

The urge to commit suicide just grows stronger every day. I miss her so much. I've even been talking to her lately. I've told her how much I love and miss her, but she acts like I didn't even say it. She's beaten me to an emotional pulp. I hate my life. I give up. Kill me... please.

My heartbreak | Reviewer: Michael | 4/5/11

I was dating a girl named Kelsey Moss. I swear I loved her more than anyone or anyting. I still do but I don't tell anyone because they always want me to talk about it and it just hurts too bad. Well, we dated for a long time I can't even remember how long. She broke up with me because I was trying to quit smoking for her but I'd have one occassionally and I lied to her about it. That threw me into such a deep depression I tried killing myself and was sent to Mountainview Mental Institution. I called from the institution one night and she was crying she said she wanted me back. I was so happy I made sure that I got out the next day. I went to see her the second I got out but she acted scared. She backed away from me and didn't even look me in the eye. I was crushed. Then her mom came home and flipped out that I was there. Two weeks later she broke up with me again after I had quit smoking and everything just for her and started dating the guy that was "trying to help me get her back". I haven't felt the same way since. Not just have I not loved someone like that since then, but something about me is different and I can't tell what it is but I just despise myself. I'm sorry the tears are making it hard to type but Kelsey, if you read this I love you so muc. I never stopped loving you and I doubt that I ever will. I miss you so much. Please forgive me... Goodbye

she left me | Reviewer: cj | 1/26/11

its been ayear as of yesterday and my fiance left me lieing to everyone aroud us turning em on me they hate me and i know she did it just to make everyone happy the story is complicated email me if u wanna know but thank you for reading