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Radiohead (Nice Dream) Lyrics

Last updated: 04/05/2014 07:29:49 AM

They love me like I was a brother
They protect me, listen to me
They dug me my very own garden
Gave me sunshine, made me happy

Nice dream, nice dream, nice dream

I call up my friend, the good angel
But she's out with her ansaphone
She says that she would love to come help but
The sea would electrocute us all

Nice dream [x7]

If you think that you're strong enough
If you think you belong enough
If you think that you're strong enough
If you think you belong enough

Nice dream [x4]

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Nice Dream | Reviewer: Nevermind the name | 9/14/13

I posted two silly comments under the above name and MF a couple of years ago, under some moments of disappointment, with some aspects related with somebody in my life in that time, and I got it all wrong. I agree with Scott. The song is much more about the narrator that does not want to accept to make a change in his own life, and he sees everything as a nice dream. All he has to do is to take the good decisions if he wants to create a better life and a better world. The good angel is a metaphor. God bless!

nice dream is about nice dreams | Reviewer: marc | 3/25/13

only the lyricist knows what it means. i prefer that we each take what we want from it. i stopped smoking cannabis a while back and started dreaming again. i mean literal dreams, while sleeping. so for me every dream is a nice dream because it is a dream.

IDK | Reviewer: Scott | 1/14/13

Thinking they is some kind of substance (abuse) in the first verse and then I think in the second the good angel is all in his head. Something artificial inside is keeping them from connecting; an internal excuse to not make a life change, the reasons outlined in background vocals.

This is what Thom said about his songs... | Reviewer: David W | 2/12/12

Thom himself was once asked how the band was able to decide when to stamp an album finished, and i'll have to paraphrase him here, but he said something to the effect of: You come back to a song over and over, and you get it just how you want it, and then one by one you finish an album, and the whole week before the release you cant sleep and your thinking about this or that, but once it's finally been released to the public, it no longer belongs to you, and you never think about those songs again, and thats how they will be forever. So basically he says all the anxiety of wanting to change something is gone the second it becomes public, well no shit he CANT change it now, but its more than that, he gives up ownership, its not his song anymore, he raised it to 6 weeks old now we have to give it a home.

Interesting concept. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/23/11

Hannah K 7/3/11 - Since I have taken the time to appreciate your comments I feel justified in taking them to mean that we all should eat more fresh fruit and juggle kitchen knives while at the movies. What a strange thing for you to say!

Responses | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/11

Hannah K 7/3/11 You took the words right out of my mouth. The majority of art..... poetry, music, painting, photography, etc is subjective. Once it is made public it becomes objective. It MOVES the viewer, the reader, the listener emotionally and they interpret it in their own way, once again becoming subjective. Trying to climb inside the creator's head and interpret what he/she is trying to say is next to impossible, unless, of course you have a close, intimate knowledge of the creator. Either way, it is still an assumption. It's just amazing that there are talented people out there creating who move us and inspire us and help us to express ourselves through their art.

In some cases nobody is wrong. | Reviewer: Hannah K | 7/31/11

Once a work is released it no longer belongs to the artist but rather to those that take time to appreciate it.

You shouldn't ask what the artist meant when writing but what it means to yourself when listening.

A truly great piece of work means a million different things to a million different people and only one thing to one person.

Take comfort from the self realisation that works such as this bring.

Beauty lies within us all.


because the first dozen people were wrong.... | Reviewer: Dr.Obvious | 5/31/11

it is a metaphor for society. you are provided what you need to be productive, and if you believe the first part, it sounds like a nice dream - for a vegetable. But does it hold true for the vegetable or you?
the second verse is about the faith in a higher power that the person looks to to be saved and instead receives irrational fear ( the sea would electrocute us all? right.)

it's a nice dream life, if you think you belong enough, and if you're strong enough to live a lie.

they talk a lot about society, less petty personal pop crap - they're trying to save the world! you should help.

okay... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/3/11

the thing everyone must understand with Radiohead is that Thom is never aiming to explain a certain external entity with his words. He's rather trying to capture a range of feelings...pure, untainted feelings. So it's kinda pointless trying to link his lyrics to a certain subject like drugs, or depression because he goes much deeper and much more universal than that. You know its like trying to figure out when Van Gogh painted the Starry Night, what was he trying to say...nothing really...artists like Thom, Lennon, Gogh go deep down to the essential elements that affect the human psyche...they analyze themselves and over analyze themselves and we can all see the results in form of words and song. Through listening to a lot of Radiohead, I've found Thom to be obsessed with himself...not necessarily in a narcissistic manner but rather because he finds what goes on inside him much more intriguing than what goes on as to what this Nice Dream must be, I think it symbolizes his retreat to self as a defense mechanism against all the wrong things that happen on the outside...Thom Yorke is a very insecure man and it is his insecurities that fuel him to utilize his brain to such great measures.

King | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/9/10

Id say the songs is refering to alot of people who have a depressing life with many problems and they turn to their dreams for happyness and escape.
In a dream everything can be perfect and 'Nice'

"I call up my friend the good angel
But she's out with her ansaphone"

He's asking for hope within his dream
"The sea would electrocute us all"
But the only way is to die to escape whats going on.

"Now come home, now come home)"
He is waking up and it was a nice dream having escaped reality for a while.

druugs...? | Reviewer: pale | 2/15/10

i think it´s all about drugs problems. In the first verse "they" refers to drugs so drugs loved him like he was a brother, drugs protect and listen to him.

I don´t know... all this non-belonging stuff makes me think of a drug problem because when you become a drug adict everything just seems so unreal, as if you were living a nice dream.

does anyone know the real meaning??? | Reviewer: doesnt matter | 2/10/10

I don't pretend to know what the song it's about, i only know that it's beautiful (it's Radiohead) , this song doesn't depress me , it just makes me aware of my own feeling about life. Yes , we all are living some sort of dream at some time or another :) my question is ... does anyone ever heard Thom Yorke explain this song's meaning?? I'll do my research .. but if anyone knows about this , I would appreciate it. Thank You:)

insecurity about relationships | Reviewer: Andrew | 1/7/10

to me, the song is about a feeling of insecurity about how close you actually are to other people. the first verse seems to be the narrator thinking he actually has friends that care for him, while the second verse shifts to the notion that they actually do not care for him (the electrocuting sea seems like a phony excuse for not being able to be there for a friend). the background vocals about being strong enough and belonging enough imply IMO that the perception of friendships is very subjective, and the friends may be more loyal if you demonstrate through confidence that you are worthy of being close to them

Nice dream | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/27/09

To me, like many others, the thing that pops up at first for me is about a guy that hates his life. He's sitting in a corner rembering things that have happened to him in life, only he then realizes that he is just making it up, thus 'nice dream'.

Lonely | Reviewer: | 11/2/09

This song is a cry from someone who misses the love and warmth and security and happiness he once found briefly at his mother's breast. He perceives that the world around him is cold, unloving, frightening and uncaring, and that the hope of finding the things he needs most is no more than a dream. I see him as a small boy in a young man's body, who thinks that everything should be given to him, and not having a clue how to find it for himself. That's all.