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Kingston Trio Zombie Jamboree Lyrics

Last updated: 04/01/2013 12:50:35 PM

Conrad Eugene Mauge, Jr.

Well, now, back to back, belly to belly, well, I don't give a damn 'cause it doesn't matter really, back to back
Belly to belly at the zombie jamboree.(Repeat) (Now hear the chorus) (You can feel that) (Oh, what a good game)(You're all alone, you know)

Zombie jamboree took place in a New York cemetery (Where?) Zombie jamboree took place in Long Island cemetery.
Zombies from all parts of the island. (Where?) Some of them are great calypsonians. (Some.)
Since the season was carnival they got together in bacchanal. Oh, what ya' doin'?


One female zombie wouldn't behave. She say she want me for a slave.
In the one hand she's holding a quart of wine, in the other she's pointing that she'll be mine.
Well, believe me folks, I had to run. (Why?) A husband of a zombie ain't no fun! (Don't knock it!)
I says, "Oh, no, my turtle dove, that old bag of bones I cannot love." Oh, what you doin'?


Right then and there she raise her feet. "I'm a-going to catch you now, my sweet.
I'm gonna make you call me 'Sweetie Pie'." I says "Oh, no, get back, you lie!"
"I may be lyin' but you will see (What?) After you kiss this dead zombie." (Blah!)
Well, I never seen such a horror in my life. Can you imagine me with a zombie wife? (Yes!)


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To Zookie, correct your correction | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/13

The error is not biblical, but typographical: It should read "I don't give a dam ..."
The phrase "I don't give a dam." is short for "I don't give a tinker's dam."; a "tinker's dam" is a small piece of tin or pewter, about the size of a BB which is to be melted into a crack or hole in a pot, mug, or other utensil. In other words, an insignificant thing.

Seasonal song | Reviewer: Zookie | 10/4/12

I am preparing to perform this song at a Halloween festival. It is a good seasonal song. I never considered it before because I have always avoided songs that take the Lord's name in vain. However, the error in the lyrics gave me a good idea to rehabilitate the song and make it acceptable to those who wish to follow biblical commandments. (Error - what error?) Well, as recorded by the Kingston Trio, they sang "I don't give ... 'cause I've done that already."
Thanks to the incorrect rendition above, I shall now sing it this way:
"I don't really care, 'cause it doesn't matter really."
My thanks to the author of the error, who made it possible for me to perform a song that I have heretofore avoided for 40 years.